Gold Seed: at 11Onze we sow gold

Toni Mata, Content Director, Oriol Tafanell, Financial Director, and Càrol Rafales, from the 11Onze Product Team, present Gold Seed. The latest product that 11Onze has made available to its community so that you can generate profits by buying and selling the precious metal par excellence!


Since in order to have a harvest, you must first sow, at Preciosos 11Onze we offer you Gold Seed, a new product designed to make your savings grow in times of uncertainty. As Oriol Tafanell explains, “given the turbulence of the current economic situation, everyone has become frightened, the stock markets have fallen, but gold continues to rise in value”.

Preciosos 11Onze has been working for more than a year with a manager specialising in the sale and purchase of precious metals. The idea is very simple, “it consists of grouping several people interested in participating in a collective purchase of gold with the aim of obtaining a capital gain from the purchase and sale of this gold“, explains Càrol Rafales. For 12 months, your gold will be sold at the best times of the market to make a profit, and at the end of the year, we will see how the harvest has gone!

Staggered consolidations

The minimum investment is €4.000 and during the contracted period there will be quarterly reports to see the evolution of the investment you have made in this service. The aim of the purchases and sales is to achieve staggered consolidations of 2%. That is to say, “from the start of the contract, if the manager achieves a capital gain with the metal acquired, equal to or greater than 2%, this capital gain is consolidated,” says Rafales.

Making it clear that past gains do not guarantee future gains, the good performance of gold in periods of instability has been confirmed over the last few years. The product on which Gold Seed is based has generated returns well above those achieved with Spanish investment funds and has counteracted inflation, solidifying gold as the safe-haven asset par excellence.

You will find all the information about Gold Seed at Preciosos 11Onze.

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