The mainstream media joins the gold rush

At 11Onze we have been announcing for some time that the price of gold will continue to rise and that it is a great tool for protecting our savings. That is why we launched 11Onze Preciosos in February 2022 and, since then, we have been reporting on the gold market regularly. Now the forecasts are confirmed, gold continues to break records and the mainstream media is also talking about it.


TV3 explains how many establishments that buy and sell gold are doubling or tripling their operations by accepting old gold jewellery as part of payment. In this way, they are helping to counteract the rise in gold prices.

Gold at an all-time high: resale of antique jewellery is on the rise and lower-carat pieces are being bought.

“According to analysts, the gold rush still has a way to go. Speculative investment is growing, as is the interest of individuals in buying gold on the Internet. Even some American supermarkets, such as the Costco chain, already sell gold bars, with a variety of prices to suit all budgets”.


La Vanguardia reports how the armed conflicts in Ukraine and Palestine have spurred gold purchases by the central banks of Russia, China and Turkey and have pushed the price of the golden metal to record highs.

Gold has risen 25% since the Hamas attacks and hits an all-time high

“If time is money, gold is living one of its best times. The yellow metal has been hitting record highs for several days in a row. After new consecutive monthly gains, it is close to 2,300 dollars an ounce, a figure never seen before”.


El Periódico  echoes the new all-time high in the price of gold and notes that analysts attribute the price rise to the possibility of lower interest rates and the continuation of purchases by central banks.

Gold returns to all-time highs and nears $2,300 per ounce

“The precious metal continues its bullish rally of the last few days: the price of the golden metal is up 0.40% this Wednesday and is up 10.60% this year and 12.50% in the last twelve months, according to Bloomberg data.”


On Economia, the economic daily of El Nacional, notes that the boom in this precious metal on international markets has caused the Bank of Spain’s gold reserves to increase in value by 33% since October.

The gold rally makes the Bank of Spain ‘win’ 5,080 million in 6 months

“Price rises that have allowed the Spanish central bank’s gold reserves to gain 5,080 million euros since October, 33%, which, annualised, has yielded 65%.”


Ara analyses the reasons behind gold’s meteoric rise over the last five years, in which it has appreciated by 80%, and by 10% in the last month alone.

The new gold rush: strong central bank demand drives up the price of the precious metal

“The situation of economic uncertainty, with the strong inflation of recent years and the expectation of a rate cut, also boosts the price of gold. “Having gold protects you from inflation because it maintains a certain stability. Therefore, the more uncertainty, the more the price of gold rises,” Casanovas points out.


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