11Onze: more agility, security and less paperwork

We integrate software that allows you to sign documents electronically in a few seconds from your mobile. We comply with the most demanding security regulations with industry-leading software.


At 11Onze we try to continually apply improvements to simplify the processes that involve our clients. For this reason, we provide ourselves with management tools that allow us to be more agile and faster with the idea of managing a large volume of information. Now we are going one step further to achieve an even closer, more reliable and efficient relationship with our users.

As Oriol Garcia Farré, from the Compliance department, explains, the new technology offers “the ability to digitally sign documents from a mobile or fixed device, through email, SMS or WhatsApp and from anywhere in the world. It is a process that takes seconds to execute.”


Firstly, security

The security of the new system implemented in 11Onze allows it to incorporate the most modern verification systems that currently exist in the market, such as the simple electronic signature (SES) for everyday transactions, the advanced electronic signature (AES) for high-value transactions and the qualified electronic signature (QES) for highly regulated transactions. And all of this is supported by an internal cloud that provides a much more secure way of working than traditional paper storage, while promoting document flexibility.

All of this allows 11Onze to exponentially increase security, even if the contents of the documents become more complex. We are also aware that to operate in certain parts of the world, a high level of identification is required when an agreement is digitally signed, as it must have completely legal value. In this sense, the software adds greater legal robustness to all our digital signature processes, given that the technology is based on Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of July 23, 2014 and Spanish Law 6/2020 of November 11 on Electronic Trust Services. In this way, the application of the MIFID II regulations is facilitated to reinforce the protection of our clients against any financial product.

“At 11Onze, we are at the technological forefront in terms of digital signatures.”

At the forefront of the sector

11Onze, with this move, once again places itself at the forefront of the financial sector in terms of innovation and security. According to Oriol Garcia Farré “we are at the forefront of the use of this technology regarding digital signatures, and we are part of a select group of technology companies that use it stably. As for the banking world in the Spanish State, only Banco Santander in the United Kingdom uses it, but only for its digital division.”

In this way, 11Onze is prepared to send and sign thousands of documents with maximum guarantees, allowing sustainable growth of the company. At a time when it is increasingly important to be able to ensure documentary veracity, at 11Onze we take on the challenge of being agile, reliable, and transparent despite the legal complexity of certain documents. This move allows the management of 11Onze products, such as Preciosos 11Onze or any other that involves documentation, to be faster and easier. Furthermore, one of the new features is that the documents themselves can include a payment gateway, if necessary.

In 11Onze’s Compliance department, there is a conviction that the integration of this new technology allows the company to take steps forward that customers will immediately notice. “It allows us to gain agility, since it dramatically facilitates the procedures for our clients and from anywhere in the world”, says Oriol Garcia Farré.

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