Finança Litigis: how to make money from the banks

The Finança Litigis product, presented by 11Onze Recommends, is now up and running and lets you make money by fighting the abuses committed by the big British banks. Farhaan Mir, CFO of 11Onze, explains why now is the best time to get involved.


In a year marked by record inflation, depressing economic growth forecasts and the possibility of a new banking crisis, investor confidence remains in negative territory. This is reflected in the quarterly Investor Confidence Index compiled by the international asset manager J.P. Morgan Asset Management, with negative sentiment (-0.99) across the board among private investors.

In this context, diversification of our savings into safe-haven assets such as precious metals or investments that help us fight inflation is essential if we want to protect our capital. Although bank deposits are beginning to improve their yields as a result of rising interest rates, they are still not enough to compensate for the loss of purchasing power caused by high inflation.

“Finança Litigis secures purchasing power in the short term”

As 11Onze’s CFO Farhaan Mir explains, “inflation is high and, to reduce it, central banks have to cool the demand for money, which means that companies have to reduce their workforce and consumers have to spend less. In these uncertain times, central banks must be careful about raising interest rates to curb inflation. Inflation is bound to be high for the foreseeable future”.

One of the few viable and safe alternatives


With the aim of achieving a gain of more than 27% in relation to average inflation in Spain, Finança Litigis “secures the short-term purchasing power of our investors when there are no viable alternatives to maintain the value of money,” says Mir. In addition, this product has a social justice component, you will be helping those affected by bank abuses to recover their money.

Specifically, UK banks face claims of over €60 billion that have been set aside to cover compensation for malpractice, to date, with a claims success rate exceeding 90%. More importantly, with Finança Litigis, independent and accredited insurance covers the entire principal of unsuccessful cases. As Mir explains, “having an “excellent” credit rating from a major credit rating agency, such as AM Best or S&P, makes Finança Litigis fundamentally better and safer than having a bank deposit“.

“Finança Litigis is fundamentally better and safer than having a bank deposit.”

That is why 11Onze recommends this product, considered a unique opportunity and with low risk, “especially if you take into account that you earn more than what a bank deposit would give you in interest and that your capital is 100% protected“, assures Mir.


Fund lawsuits against banks. Do justice and get returns on your savings above inflation thanks to the compensation the banks will have to pay. All the information about Finança Litigis can be found at 11Onze Recommends.


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