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11Onze Recommends Finança Litigis, a product that allows you to profit from the compensation that banks in the UK have to pay for having committed wrongdoing against their clients. We explain how it works.


A few weeks ago, 11Onze Recommends presented Finança Litigis to its community for the first time. Now, it is time to publicise this amazing product throughout La Plaça. What is it about? Profit by fighting the abuses committed by the big banks.

The first location to do this is the UK where, for years, banks sold personal insurance policies to their customers using all kinds of malpractice. Those abuses have already been condemned by the courts and have opened the door to more than 60 billion euros in claims with a success rate of more than 90%. Shocking figures for the banking industry.

In this context, 11Onze Recommends works with an English provider that offers financing to the law firms that carry out these lawsuits, in exchange for part of the profits. You thought that the banks would always win? Well, not any more!

What profits can be obtained?

You can find all the information about Finança Litigis on the 11Onze Recommends website. The objective is to achieve a profit of more than 27% in relation to the average inflation in Spain. It is, therefore, a product that lets your money appreciate much more than inflation, allowing you to gain purchasing power. All this, in a context of low profitability and high volatility, which makes Finança Litigis a very valuable product. Standard & Poor’s A insurance covers the litigation capital.

All the information about Finança Litigis can be found at 11Onze Recommends.

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