Does it pay to invest in Litigation Funding?

It’s been a year since the launch of Litigation Funding, one of 11Onze Recommends’ flagship products that offers returns of between 9 and 11% by financing lawsuits against banks and institutions that have used illegal practices against their clients. How has it performed so far? Are our clients satisfied? Farhaan Mir, CTO of 11Onze, gives us an update.


In the inflationary economic environment we have experienced in recent years, people have not only seen their purchasing power eroded but have also experienced a loss in the value of their savings. It is in this context that Litigation Funding that 11Onze Recommends was born, to shield the savings of our community members against runaway inflation.

Litigation Funding offers returns ranging from 9% to 11%, depending on the amount contributed, financing the legal costs of law firms pursuing claims against banks and institutions that have used illegal practices against their clients. This social justice product offers high returns at very low risk. And that’s all well and good, but have these objectives been met a year after its launch?

A unique product in the market

As a general rule, investments that offer high returns come with high risk, while low-risk investments offer more stable, but potentially lower, returns.

This is not the case with Litigation Funding, as Farhaan Mir explains, “In this case, the risk is managed by an insurance that covers the clients’ capital“. Even so, in the first year, there has been a 100% success rate in the lawsuits, and it has not been necessary to use insurance.

A recurring investment

Perhaps the metric that most exemplifies the success and good performance of Litigation Funding is that almost 100% of clients have reinvested their money in the same product. “Clients are very happy with the returns and, apart from one person who needed the money for personal matters, everyone has reinvested their capital.”

Litigation Funding has been structured exclusively for members of the 11Onze community, offering two ways to participate: a product that returns your capital and possible profits after one year, or another option where your capital works for a few years and provides you with a monthly return after six months. As Mir points out, “The longer the period, the greater the returns for investors”.

Fund lawsuits against banks. Get justice and returns on your savings above inflation thanks to the compensation the banks will have to pay. All the information about Litigation Funding can be found at 11Onze Recommends.

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