How to buy gold coins for tomorrow’s future

The best gift of the festive season comes from 11Onze, and the procedure for buying it is very simple. We explain it in a video podcast!


If you want to give a present for tomorrow’s future that won’t lose its value, the best option is gold. You no longer have to give money in an envelope, through 11Onze you can buy gold coins directly. In this conversation with Càrol Rafales and Coral Santacruz, product managers at 11Onze, we can see the coins offered by 11Onze and find out more about the purchase procedure.

If you would like more information about buying gold coins for tomorrow’s future, you can fill in this form and an 11Onze agent will contact you. “Once everything is done, payment can be made directly by credit card,” explains Rafales. The customer can choose whether they want the Krugerrand coin (€220) or the Britannia (€525) and, immediately afterwards, it will be shipped. “They are very popular coins, the Krugerrand has a purity of 91.67% and the Britannia 99.99%”, adds Coral Santacruz. All the information about the history of these mythical coins can be found here. Shipping costs €9.99, except for El Canut users, who get free shipping.


What will we receive at home?

A few days later you will receive the 11Onze Christmas card for tomorrow’s future, the gold coins and a gold voucher for each final recipient. “The gold voucher is personalised with the value of the purchase, the name of the buyer and for whom it is for”, says Art Director Laia Gubern. In this way, each child, grandchild or nephew, will have an exclusive gold voucher that confirms the purchase that has been made for him or her.

For tomorrow’s future is an exclusive 11Onze campaign designed to protect the future savings of the next generation. In the context of the depreciation of the euro due to inflation and competition from the dollar, with a growing distrust of fiat currencies, we had to find a way to give something away for the same purpose. If up to now we have been giving away money for tomorrow’s future, logic suggests that perhaps the best thing to do now is to give away gold.


Up to now, with Preciosos 11Onze, it has been possible to purchase gold bullion. From now on, we also offer the option of buying Krugerrand and Britannia gold coins. Gift gold, for tomorrow’s future.

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