A gift for tomorrow’s future

11Onze is launching the sale of gold coins as gifts. Buyers will receive the coins, an exclusive Christmas postcard and a gold note as proof of purchase. Gold, for tomorrow’s future.


Christmas holidays are a time to think of others and wish them well. In many Catalan households, this wish translates into an envelope of money for tomorrow’s future. In other words, fathers, mothers, grandfathers or grandmothers are in the habit of giving money as a gift so that it will be helpful to their children or grandchildren in the future. But does this make sense right now? With rampant inflation, a depreciating euro and uncertainty about the future of fiat currencies, money does not seem as valuable or as secure a gift as it did a few years ago.

For this reason, at 11Onze we thought that this role could be played by gold. Gold is the best option if you want to give a gift that will not lose value over time and can be converted into cash quickly. For tomorrow’s future, give gold as a gift.

Until now, with Preciosos 11Onze you could buy gold bullion for as little as €3,000. We now offer the option of buying gold coins, starting at €220. For 11Onze members with an El Canut account, shipping is free. For all other buyers, it costs €9.99.

How are they delivered?

If you want to buy gold coins as a gift, you have to fill in this form and an agent will contact you. Once everything is ready, you will pay directly by credit card. At home, you will receive a Christmas card and a personalised gold ticket that certifies your gold purchase. We will send it all to you, along with the coins. The campaign runs from 1 December to 6 January, but we recommend ordering as early as possible to ensure delivery of the coins during the festive season. In the event that the stock of coins runs out, the gold banknote will be sent first, followed by the coins.


The magic of Christmas

The 11Onze gold banknote connects directly with the fantasy created by Roald Dahl in the novel ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory‘. There, children who found the golden ticket inside the chocolate bar were invited to visit the chocolate factory of the bizarre Willy Wonka. The 11Onze gold ticket will not be used to take any children to meet the Oompa Loompa, but it will have a function that we believe is very valuable: it will ensure that they have gold for tomorrow’s future.

I’m interested!

If you want to discover the best option to protect your savings, enter Preciosos 11Onze. We will help you buy at the best price the safe-haven asset par excellence: physical gold.

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  1. Joan Santacruz CarlúsJoan Santacruz Carlús says:
  2. Cristian Palau BatistaCristian Palau Batista says:

    Les monedes poden guardar-se bé molt bona iniciativa, em plantejaré anar comprant durant mes temps que no només els nadals per regalar.. .

  3. Laura León AmatLaura León Amat says:

    👏 👏 👏 ara si que està ben pensat… Molt més assequible a les butxaques i ben oroginal

  4. Santiago VázquezSantiago Vázquez says:

    Em sembla una opció més factible, per a molta més gent, que els lingots. Molt bona pensada!!!!

    • Mireia Cano says:

      Gràcies Santiago, esperem que tal com dius aquest nou producte pugui arribar a més gent. 💛

      2 years ago
  5. Manuel Bullich BuenoManuel Bullich Bueno says:

    👏👏👏 Cada dia us supereu, es una idea fantàstica.

  6. Mercè ComasMercè Comas says:

    Compra feta. Les monedes les portaran els Reis d’ Orient!😉
    Cada dia us supereu!!👏

    • Silvia GarrigaSilvia Garriga says:

      Fantàstic Mercè! Segur que els Reis d’Orient estaran encantats de portar aquest regal.

      2 years ago
  7. alicia Coiduras Charlesalicia Coiduras Charles says:

    Quina bona idea a més d’original

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  9. Martí LloverasMartí Lloveras says:

    Molt ben pensat: compro!

  10. Jordi MorenoJordi Moreno says:

    Guau! Una idea formidable. M’encanta🤩

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