We are not smarter, we are more free

Is it possible that crises come as a surprise, that nobody even knows they’re coming? Being part of 11Onze gives us an essential advantage: that of being able to tell things as they are, of being able to prepare ourselves for when things go wrong.


Toni Mata, director of content, communication, and media at 11Onze

The most surprising thing about bank failures or major crises in the financial system is that… Nobody knew anything! Everything was going perfectly well until just a few seconds before it all went bust. Does anyone still believe this? The unpredictability of economics, which is essentially mathematics, is a total defiance of the most elementary logic.

That Credit Suisse was not doing well has been known for a long time. The Financial Times explained it in a short documentary published in July 2022. Just looking at this, think of the pre-production and production times for such a piece. 1 year since they decided to touch the subject? So at least since July 2021, it was public knowledge that Credit Suisse was on rocky ground. Suddenly, in the middle of 2023, the issue explodes on the world’s news, with the bank staring into the abyss and causing systemic risk. As if there had been no warning.

The same story with Silicon Valley Bank: how could it be that it had just passed an audit with flying colours? Nobody knew that the rise in interest rates would affect them so much? Didn’t anyone run the numbers? It’s not that it doesn’t ring true, it’s that it simply isn’t possible.

“At 11Onze we can observe, think and then say things as they are thanks to not depending on anyone or having to curry favour with the powers that be.”

It is surprising, these days, to see experts in economics in the MSM stating that everything is going just fine. It is understandable to call for calm, because fear is not good at economics, but it is necessary to have a bit of moral integrity and to inform the population at large of what the elites are doing and undoing. So that when savers’ deposits disappear, it is not by chance that the big investors have already withdrawn their money. It is not right, but it is usually the case that those who have the information do not share it, they use it.


11Onze’s mission

One of 11Onze’s missions is to educate and inform its community so that it can prepare for turbulent times. In this regard, we have been talking for a long time about the great debt crisis, the great economic reset, the regulation of CBDCs and the importance of gold at a time of the current dedollarisation. A dedollarisation, let us remember, caused by the lack of confidence in an over-printed currency and by the economic rise of countries that want to free themselves from the iron grip of American leadership. It does not seem so, but curiously, all these issues are practically the same. And unfortunately, nobody talks about it.

Everything that we have been warning about is coming to pass, while most of the media keeps quiet about it. How can this be? Is it possible that we 11Onze people are smarter? Not at all. We are simply freer. We can observe, think and then say things as they are thanks to not being dependent on anyone or having to curry favour with the powers that be.

That is why we have decided to compile some of the things we have been explaining for two years now. We will be doing so over the coming weeks, amidst the whiplash of this systemic crisis that they want us to pass off as an anecdote. This is one of the advantages of being part of La Plaça. Being registered at 11onze.cat is a way of being at the economic information forefront. Because with the right information and training, you can see the crisis coming. And you can’t hide from crises, they will catch you wherever you are. The only thing you can do… is to be prepared.

And that is exactly what we do.
Let’s get ready.

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Toni Mata Toni Mata
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