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If it doesn’t exist, we create it. If it exists, 11Onze Recommends. This is the idea behind 11Onze Recommends, a service that you will find in our Marketplace and which already offers several products.


The goal of 11Onze is to offer the people of La Plaça the products they need, always focused on protecting savings or caring for the planet. The idea is to build an environment that is ecologically and economically healthier. For everyone, not just for a few. If you go through all the products that 11Onze has launched, you will always find our values behind them.

  • When we launched the El Canut accounts, we made sure that our community could keep their savings in a really safe way and always have them available.
  • When we created Preciosos 11Onze we anticipated the need to protect savings from inflation and the depreciation of fiat currencies. Now you can buy Heritage Gold, Seed Gold or coins.
  • When we launched 11Onze Segurs, it was to make home insurance cheaper and, in addition, to dedicate 25% of the premium to social purposes.

And what is 11Onze Recommends?

In 11Onze Recommends you will find products that have not been created by 11Onze but by another company. But these products are always aligned with the values of our community and 11Onze supervises all the processes to ensure that they meet the level of quality, service and transparency that we always want to offer to the people of La Plaça. Therefore, 11Onze Recommends products are not from 11Onze, but they look like it!

The team responsible for 11Onze Recommends is in charge of searching the market for existing products that may be of interest to our people and that, as they already exist, are quick to implement. In addition, 11Onze is in charge of obtaining better conditions for its community than can be achieved individually.

Currently, in 11Onze Recommends, you will find:

  • Guaranteed Funds. A way to safely and profitably keep high amounts of money (from €125,000). The money and returns are 100% insured. You can contract the fund from 1 to 30 years, avoiding market fluctuations.
  • Natulim. The ecological detergent in strips, promoted by some young people from Arenys de Munt and with a 15% discount for the 11Onze community. Stop dirtying the planet when you wash your clothes.
  • Litigation Funding. This product offers the possibility of earning money by doing justice, beating the banks. Thanks to our UK provider, we can participate in litigation against bank abuses in the UK and earn 27% above inflation. Therefore, it is a very good tool to increase purchasing power, it is safer than a traditional bank deposit and generates profits within 12 months. It is currently available for capital of €25,000, but 11Onze Recommends is working to lower the minimum amount to make it easier for more people to access this product.

So, what is 11Onze Recommends? Well, quite simply, it is third-party products with 11Onze quality. Discover them!

If you want to make your savings earn above inflation, 11Onze Recommends offers you Litigation Funding.

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