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Through 11Onze Segurs you can insure your vehicle with the Catalan mutual insurance company Mussap with a 5% discount. Founded in 1932 in Barcelona as a mutual for agricultural work, it had the support of Francesc Macià and has recently been recognised with the EthSI stamp of ethical quality.


One of 11Onze’s objectives is to offer its community products of the highest quality, which fit in with its values and are competitively priced. For this reason, a few months ago we launched 11Onze Segurs to offer an alternative to the people of La Plaça, also in terms of insurance. We have achieved it through a collaboration with the Catalan mutual insurance company Mussap, founded in 1932 in the presence of President Francesc Macià.

In conversation with the commercial director of Mussap, Marc Castell, we analysed the strong points of the insurance offered through 11Onze Segurs: maximum coverage at competitive prices. “The price indeed depends on the type of driver and vehicle”, says Castell, “but in some segments we are below the market average”.


Mussap’s values

The company stands out for its quality, transparency and its roots in the country. “We have our own offices in all the Catalan capitals and we are present throughout the country. We are very transparent about our identity and feel very involved in a society that not only saw our birth but has also empowered us to grow with its trust“, says Castell. In this sense, the vision is very close to that of 11Onze, which has as one of its objectives to stimulate the Catalan economy. This obviously involves consuming local goods and services.

In addition, Mussap’s quality has recently been endorsed with the awarding of the EthSI stamp of approval. This is a ratification of ethical and solidarity-based quality that assesses the degree of transparency and good practices carried out by insurance companies, insurance brokers and the products they market.


Digital and with discount

If you want to find out how much it would cost to insure your vehicle with 11Onze Segurs and Mussap, you can visit 11Onze Segurs where you will find a simulator. Just for being a member of 11Onze, you will get an additional 5% discount on the price of the annual premium. With 11Onze Segurs and Mussap all the procedures can be done swiftly. For example, you can make a claim online or call the helpline.

To learn more about Mussap’s product and vision, you can listen to the conversation on 11Onze Podcast. Marco Castell, commercial director of the mutual, wanted to make sure we understand the experience and identity of Mussap: “You will not find an entity that is more than 90 years old that continues to be itself, maintaining its essence, without having been absorbed or merged. We are a brand with a lot of personality, identity and independence”.

If you want to discover the best insurance for your vehicle, go to 11Onze Segurs, insurances with 11Onze values.

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