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The new Animal Welfare Law, which came into force last September, will require all dog owners to have civil liability insurance for their pets. That is why 11Onze Segurs offers, in collaboration with Mussap, tailor-made insurance for your best friend. We talked to Marc Castell, CCO of Mussap.


One of the obligations of the new Animal Welfare Law – the first state law regulating the relationship with dogs, cats and other pets – is requiring all dog owners to take out insurance to cover civil liability. Until now, insurance was only compulsory if the dog was of a breed classified as potentially dangerous and for those owners residing in autonomous communities that had already decided to impose this obligation on their own.

Failure to comply with the compulsory requirement of insurance for your dog will result in administrative and financial penalties. Therefore, it will be essential that your dog is properly insured to avoid a fine and protect third parties in case it causes damage to people or property.

Although the new law came into force on Friday 29 September last year, the requirement for mandatory insurance is suspended and pending definition and approval of the relevant regulation. Even so, as Marc Castell explains, regardless of the new law, “insurance is essential when you have a pet. A dog bite can be very costly. You can be fined financially and through the courts”.

What does the compulsory insurance cover?

The insurance will have to cover the damage caused by the dog to third parties regardless of who is responsible at the time the damage occurs, such as a family member or a dog handler, who would also be covered by the insurance policy. If your dog bites someone or damages someone else’s property, the insurance will cover the costs associated with third-party claims, such as medical expenses or repairs.

In this sense, Castell cautions that “any insurance is designed to cover a fortuitous, unexpected and unintentional event”, therefore, “totally avoidable events” due to carelessness are not covered. For example, if your dog relieving itself in the doorway of a house. In this context – as specified in Article 30 of the new regulation – prospective dog owners will have to take a dog ownership training course, which will be free of charge and valid for an indefinite period.

How much will it cost me?

The price of the insurance premium varies depending on the type of dog and the amount of capital to be insured. Still, at 11Onze Segurs we offer you tailor-made insurance for your best friend, in collaboration with Mussap, and with an additional discount for our community if you contract it through us. Here you can check the prices and conditions. If you want more information, fill in this form and one of our agents will get in touch with you.

Do you want the best insurance for your best friend? Enter 11Onze Segurs and get a tailor-made insurance policy for your best friend with a special discount for members of our community.

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