11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves: Shelter Schools for Children

The collaboration between the 11Onze community and the Better Shelter Foundation is an example of the power of solidarity and cooperation in the face of emergency situations. The ultimate goal of this 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves initiative is to create 50 shelter schools to accommodate 1,750 children displaced by the Syrian earthquake. But what do these classrooms look like? And how do we build them?


Through this partnership, we aim to create a network of help and support for the affected communities, providing a safe place and the necessary tools so that the children can continue their education and regain normality in their lives. 11Onze is asking its community to roll up its sleeves to help children affected by the earthquake in northern Syria. Can we let these children continue to spend their days on the streets with nothing to do, with all the risks that this entails? We at 11Onze think not, and we hope that the community will get involved.


A lasting solution

The Better Shelter School is an innovative and lasting solution for communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts. This initiative with which 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves is collaborating is promoted by the Swedish foundation Better Shelter with the aim of building schools in northern Syria after the devastating earthquake that affected the region.

“We want to have an immediate impact in the affected area”.

As Jas Texidó, Director of Public and Institutional Relations at 11Onze, explains, “We wanted to do a collaborative action that would have an immediate impact in the affected area.” James Sène, 11Onze’s Chairman, suggested contacting the Ikea Foundation, which was already making shelters for Better Shelter, “so that we could avoid unnecessary intermediaries and this would allow us to directly follow up on the contributions of our community”, states Texidó.

Safe, sturdy and made of quality materials

The shelter schools not only provide a safe space for learning but also serve as a place of emotional stability for the personal development of the affected children. These schools will serve as a bridging tool that will empower them on the path to a more hopeful future.

Better Shelters are much more than just temporary tents. These structures are designed to last over time and provide a safe and dignified place for children and their families in the midst of a crisis. With this goal in mind, the shelters are built with quality materials and are resistant to weather and other environmental factors.



The manufacturing and assembly process of the classrooms is efficient and relatively simple, costing only 2,333 euros and taking only two hours to assemble. Once packed at the IKEA facility, they are shipped to a distribution centre close to the affected area. In the region, Better Shelter partners, including non-governmental organisations and volunteers, are working to set up the shelter schools and furnish them accordingly.

The time required to set up a shelter varies, but usually at least two months from the signing of the contract. This timeframe depends on the operations of the volunteers carrying out the installation. However, in emergency situations, measures are put in place to speed up this process and quickly provide a safe place for children and refugees.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to create 50 shelter schools, with funding of €100,000, to help 1,750 displaced children. Let’s roll up our sleeves and come together to support this project – someone has to do it!

11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves is 11Onze’s service to help people all over the world.


11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves: Someone has to do it!

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We are rolling up our sleeves to build 50 Shelter Schools...


"Education is a pillar of our community"

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Farhaan Mir, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of 11Onze, is involved...


11Onze Escola is up and running

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Games, didactic guides, virtual or face-to-face classes…

We are rolling up our sleeves to build 50 Shelter Schools for 1,750 children affected by last February’s earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. 11Onze has a vocation of operational transformation, that’s why we are launching a new service: 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves.


In journalism, we often talk about news waves. That is to say, for a while, a topic is trending, it is talked about everywhere. But little by little it fades away, and a new topic comes along and occupies the news window, repeating the process. Therefore, the news media is not interested in explaining what is happening in the world or in ranking the importance of the issues to be solved. They simply compete for clicks.

But this does not mean that the problems go away

On 6 February 2023, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale devastated parts of Turkey and Syria. And when there is such a catastrophe, the media all over the world cover the story. Until the death and injury count is over. There is no more news when there are no more aftershocks and the casualty rates are no longer moving up. Therefore, there is no more news and the topic changes.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves

UNICEF put the number of children displaced by the earthquakes at 850,000. Children living in refugee camps, trying to regain some semblance of normality. 11Onze is rolling up its sleeves and will help them by providing Shelter Schools so that they can return to school as soon as possible. At 11Onze we know that education is the most powerful tool to create a future. It gives students the chance to recover lost routines, for a few hours, it will take their minds off from the drama they are immersed in, and it will give them hope and tools. Will you roll up your sleeves? Someone has to do it!

How will we do it? With Better Shelter!

We want to raise 100,000 euros to build 50 shelter classrooms, which will help 1,750 students. We are perfectly aware that we won’t solve 100% of the problem, but if we don’t start rolling up our sleeves, nothing will be solved.

For this reason, 11Onze has established a partnership with the Swedish Better Shelter Foundation, which builds shelters designed by the Ikea Foundation. They are sturdy Shelter Schools, built to last, which can be assembled in two hours and cost around 2,333 euros. From 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves you can make a donation of any amount you wish. The money will be transferred in the aggregate to Better Shelter so that it can act on the ground. 11Onze will monitor the destination and impact of the contributions made by the people of La Plaça, regularly updating them on the progress.

If you can, give us a hand. 11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves. Because someone has to do it.

11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves is 11Onze’s service to help other people around the world.

Discover the project

11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves

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11Onze Rolls Up its Sleeves is the service that 11Onze sets up to...


“Education is a pillar of our community”

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Farhaan Mir, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of 11Onze...


11Onze Escola is up and running

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Games, didactic guides, virtual or face-to-face classes…

On 22 April 2021, we launched La Plaça, the town square where the 11Onze community is located. Since then, what have we done?


La Plaça of 11Onze was born with the aim of helping all citizens to understand and manage their money more efficiently. For this reason, financial education and the creation of useful products for the community have always been at the heart of La Plaça.

Innovative products

The first product, with free registration, was La Plaça. A content platform for financial information and education recognised with numerous international awards and has more than 1,000 articles, 800 videos, 150 podcasts and 35 courses. Currently, La Plaça already has 15,000 registered users and more than 12,000 unique monthly visitors.

Next, 11Onze launched the El Canut application, which lets you open safe accounts, anticipating the turbulence that traditional banking is currently experiencing. El Canut also allows free instant transfers within the 11Onze community, makes it possible to use Mastercard cards, add other bank accounts thanks to PSD2 regulations and can be integrated with Google Wallet and Apple Pay. Since its launch in October 2021, El Canut has not had any security issues and has been recognised internationally.

Along the same lines, in order to offer the community the possibility to protect their savings by gaining purchasing power, Preciosos 11Onze was created. For the first time, a financial institution facilitates aggregate purchases of physical gold. This service has become one of the flagships of 11Onze.

Steady growth

Since then, the product portfolio has grown steadily. 11Onze Recommends has provided high-return, low-risk savings products such as Guaranteed Funds and Litigation Finance. 11Onze Segurs offers socially responsible insurance at a very competitive price. Our marketplace has also provided products that allow saving and living in a more sustainable way, such as Tappwater water filters or Natulim detergent, with special conditions for the community.

Other added services are 11Onze School, 11Onze Check or 11Onze at Home, which allows 24-hour video call attention. All are available, at no extra cost, for La Plaça users.

Next steps for 11Onze

After 2 years, the most complicated stage for any start-up, the obvious question is… What next? Well, 11Onze is looking to the future with great optimism, with a community, a company and workers ready to grow the first community fintech in the Catalan countries. 11Onze is ready to offer more innovative products and scale its business with the security that comes from good results. We are ready!


11Onze is the community fintech of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut on Android and Apple and join the revolution!


First anniversary of La Plaça

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If it doesn’t exist, we create it. If it exists, 11Onze Recommends. This is the idea behind 11Onze Recomana, a service that you will find in our Marketplace and which already offers several products.


The goal of 11Onze is to offer the people of La Plaça the products they need, always focused on protecting savings or caring for the planet. The idea is to build an environment that is ecologically and economically healthier. For everyone, not just for a few. If you go through all the products that 11Onze has launched, you will always find our values behind them.

  • When we launched the El Canut accounts, we made sure that our community could keep their savings in a really safe way and always have them available.
  • When we created Preciosos 11Onze we anticipated the need to protect savings from inflation and the depreciation of fiat currencies. Now you can buy Heritage Gold, Seed Gold or coins.
  • When we launched 11Onze Segurs, it was to make home insurance cheaper and, in addition, to dedicate 25% of the premium to social purposes.

And what is 11Onze Recomana?


In 11Onze Recomana you will find products that have not been created by 11Onze but by another company. But these products are always aligned with the values of our community and 11Onze supervises all the processes to ensure that they meet the level of quality, service and transparency that we always want to offer to the people of La Plaça. Therefore, 11Onze Recomana products are not from 11Onze, but they look like it!

The team responsible for 11Onze Recomana is in charge of searching the market for existing products that may be of interest to our people and that, as they already exist, are quick to implement. In addition, 11Onze is in charge of obtaining better conditions for its community than can be achieved individually.

Currently, in 11Onze Recomana you will find:

  • Guaranteed Funds. A way to safely and profitably keep high amounts of money (from €125,000). The money and returns are 100% insured. You can contract the fund from 1 to 30 years, avoiding market fluctuations.
  • Natulim. The ecological detergent in strips, promoted by some young people from Arenys de Munt and with a 15% discount for the 11Onze community. Stop dirtying the planet when you wash your clothes.
  • Litigation Funding. This product offers the possibility of earning money by doing justice, beating the banks. Thanks to our UK provider we can participate in litigation against bank abuses in the UK and earn 27% above inflation. Therefore, it is a very good tool to increase purchasing power, it is safer than a traditional bank deposit and generates profits within 12 months. It is currently available for capital of €25,000, but 11Onze Recomana is working to lower the minimum amount to make it easier for more people to access this product.

So, what is 11Onze Recomana? Well, quite simply, it is third-party products with 11Onze quality. Discover them!

If you want to make your savings earn above inflation, 11Onze Recomana offers you Litigation Funding.

Persistent inflation and the low interest on bank deposits have led to a general impoverishment of families who are seeing their savings disappear. Is there any way to ensure our purchasing power in the short term? How can we make monetise our savings? Isaac Sène, Product Manager, explains how with Litigation Funding, which 11Onze Recommends.


Inflation has pushed up household indebtedness and eaten into savings. During the first two months of this year, families have withdrawn 18 billion euros in deposits from banks to cover expenses or to try to improve the profitability of their money. While the banking sector is profiting handsomely from the ECB’s interest rate hike, it is barely remunerating its customers’ savings.

According to the latest CPI data, prices have moderated year-on-year, but inflation is accumulating, so this does not mean that prices have fallen, but rather that they have risen less than a year ago, i.e. inflation is moderating, but we are still paying more. Faced with this bleak outlook, 11Onze Recommends presented Litigation Funding to our community a few days ago, a product that prevents your money from being devalued by inflation.

Earn money from the banks and seek justice


Litigation Funding is a product designed so that you can earn money by participating in legal cases against the abuses of big banks. In this context, UK banks are facing claims of more than 60 billion euros that have been set aside to cover compensation for malpractice, “UK banks are being forced to account for malpractice against a number of customers,” notes Isaac Sène.

These claims against UK banks have a success rate of over 90%, but the law firms that handle them need funds to finance the litigation. Litigation Funding takes advantage of the fact that in the UK, if a number of conditions are met, these cases will be won. This can offer the possibility of returns of up to 27% with very little risk because the capital invested to pursue these cases is insured by an independent insurer. As Sène explains, “every investment has a risk, but in this case, 90% of the cases have been won, and the insurer covers the capital, giving our clients peace of mind”.

Fund lawsuits against banks, seek justice and get returns on your savings above inflation thanks to the compensation that banks will have to pay. You can find all the information about Litigation Funding at 11Onze Recommends.

Is it possible that crises come as a surprise, that nobody even knows they’re coming? Being part of 11Onze gives us an essential advantage: that of being able to tell things as they are, of being able to prepare ourselves for when things go wrong.


Toni Mata, director of content, communication and media at 11Onze

The most surprising thing about bank failures or major crises in the financial system is that… Nobody knew anything! Everything was going perfectly well until just a few seconds before it all went bust. Does anyone still believe this? The unpredictability of economics, which is essentially mathematics, is a total defiance of the most elementary logic.

That Credit Suisse was not doing well has been known for a long time. The Financial Times explained it in a short documentary published in July 2022. Just looking at this, think of the pre-production and production times for such a piece. 1 year since they decided to touch the subject? So at least since July 2021, it was public knowledge that Credit Suisse was on rocky ground. Suddenly, in the middle of 2023, the issue explodes on the world’s news, with the bank staring into the abyss and causing systemic risk. As if there had been no warning.

The same story with Silicon Valley Bank: how could it be that it had just passed an audit with flying colours? Nobody knew that the rise in interest rates would affect them so much? Didn’t anyone run the numbers? It’s not that it doesn’t ring true, it’s that it simply isn’t possible.

“At 11Onze we can observe, think and then say things as they are thanks to not depending on anyone or having to curry favour with the powers that be”.

It is surprising, these days, to see experts in economics on the MSM stating that everything is going just fine. It is understandable to call for calm, because fear is not good in economics, but it is necessary to have a bit of moral integrity and to inform the population at large of what the elites are doing and undoing. So that when savers’ deposits disappear, it is not by chance that the big investors have already withdrawn their money. It is not right, but it is usually the case that those who have the information do not share it, they use it.


11Onze’s mission

One of 11Onze’s missions is to educate and inform its community so that it can prepare for turbulent times. In this regard, we have been talking for a long time about the great debt crisis, the great economic reset, the regulation of CBDCs and the importance of gold at a time of the current dedollarisation. A dedollarisation, let us remember, caused by the lack of confidence in an over-printed currency and by the economic rise of countries that want to free themselves from the iron grip of American leadership. It does not seem so, but curiously, all these issues are practically the same. And unfortunately, nobody talks about it.

Everything that we have been warning about is coming to pass, while most of the media keeps quiet about it. How can this be? Is it possible that we 11Onze people are smarter? Not at all. We are simply freer. We can observe, think and then say things as they are thanks to not being dependent on anyone or having to curry favour with the powers that be.

That is why we have decided to compile some of the things we have been explaining for two years now. We will be doing so over the coming weeks, amidst the whiplash of this systemic crisis that they want us to pass off as an anecdote. This is one of the advantages of being part of La Plaça. Being registered at 11onze.cat is a way of being at the economic information forefront. Because with the right information and training, you can see the crises coming. And you can’t hide from crises, they will catch you wherever you are. The only thing you can do… is to be prepared.


And that is exactly what we do.

Let’s get ready.


"We have to provide clear and transparent information"

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A marketplace is the digital equivalent of a shopping...


11Onze Check: against financial misinformation

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One of our main functions is to provide our members...


El Diner: the animated series to learn about economics

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11Onze consolidates its commitment to economic literacy...

Toni Mata, director de continguts, Oriol Tafanell, director financer, i Càrol Rafales, de l’equip de producte d’11Onze, et presenten l’Or Llavor. El darrer producte que 11Onze ha posat a disposició de la seva comunitat perquè generis guanys amb la compravenda del metall rei!


Com que per tenir collita, primer cal sembrar, des de Preciosos 11Onze t’oferim l’Or Llavor, un nou producte pensat per fer créixer els estalvis en moments d’incertesa. Com explica Oriol Tafanell, “davant les turbulències de la situació econòmica actual tothom s’ha espantat, les borses han baixat, però l’or segueix pujant de valor”.

Preciosos 11Onze fa més d’un any que col·labora amb un gestor especialitzat en la compravenda de metalls preciosos. La idea és ben senzilla, “consisteix a agrupar diverses persones interessades a participar en una compra col·lectiva d’or amb l’objectiu d’aconseguir una plusvàlua amb la compra i venda d’aquest or”, detalla Càrol Rafales. Durant 12 mesos el teu or s’anirà venent en els millors moments del mercat per aconseguir-ne guanys. I al final de l’any, veurem com ha anat la collita!

Consolidacions esglaonades

La inversió mínima és de 4.000 € i durant el període contractat hi haurà informes trimestrals per veure l’evolució de la inversió que has fet en aquest servei. L’objectiu de les compravendes és aconseguir consolidacions esglaonades del 2%. És a dir, “des que s’inicia el contracte, si el gestor aconsegueix una plusvàlua amb el metall adquirit, igual o superior al 2%, aquesta plusvàlua queda consolidada”, apunta Rafales.

Deixant clar que guanys passats no en garanteixen de futurs, durant els darrers anys s’ha confirmat el bon comportament de l’or en períodes d’inestabilitat. El producte en què es basa l’Or Llavor ha generat guanys molt per sobre dels que s’aconsegueixen amb fons d’inversió espanyols i ha contrarestat la inflació, solidificant a l’or, com el valor refugi per excel·lència.

Tota la informació sobre l’Or Llavor la trobaràs a Preciosos 11Onze.


Preciosos 11Onze presenta l’Or Llavor!

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Aconsegueix guanys amb la compravenda del metall rei.

Descobreix l’Or Llavor

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Preciosos 11Onze presenta l’Or Llavor! Un producte pensat...

Preciosos 11Onze

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11Onze ofereix a la seva comunitat una eina per combatre la inflació...

The Finança Litigis product, presented by 11Onze Recommends, is now up and running and lets you make money by fighting the abuses committed by the big British banks. Farhaan Mir, CFO of 11Onze, explains why now is the best time to get involved.


In a year marked by record inflation, depressing economic growth forecasts and the possibility of a new banking crisis, investor confidence remains in negative territory. This is reflected in the quarterly Investor Confidence Index compiled by the international asset manager J.P. Morgan Asset Management, with negative sentiment (-0.99) across the board among private investors.

In this context, diversification of our savings into safe-haven assets such as precious metals or investments that help us fight inflation is essential if we want to protect our capital. Although bank deposits are beginning to improve their yields as a result of rising interest rates, they are still not enough to compensate for the loss of purchasing power caused by high inflation.

“Finança Litigis secures purchasing power in the short term”

As 11Onze’s CFO Farhaan Mir explains, “inflation is high and, to reduce it, central banks have to cool the demand for money, which means that companies have to reduce their workforce and consumers have to spend less. In these uncertain times, central banks must be careful about raising interest rates to curb inflation. Inflation is bound to be high for the foreseeable future”.

One of the few viable and safe alternatives


With the aim of achieving a gain of more than 27% in relation to average inflation in Spain, Finança Litigis “secures the short-term purchasing power of our investors when there are no viable alternatives to maintain the value of money,” says Mir. In addition, this product has a social justice component, you will be helping those affected by bank abuses to recover their money.

Specifically, UK banks face claims of over €60 billion that have been set aside to cover compensation for malpractice, to date, with a claims success rate exceeding 90%. More importantly, with Finança Litigis, independent and accredited insurance covers the entire principal of unsuccessful cases. As Mir explains, “having an “excellent” credit rating from a major credit rating agency, such as AM Best or S&P, makes Finança Litigis fundamentally better and safer than having a bank deposit“.

“Finança Litigis is fundamentally better and safer than having a bank deposit.”

That is why 11Onze recommends this product, considered a unique opportunity and with low risk, “especially if you take into account that you earn more than what a bank deposit would give you in interest and that your capital is 100% protected“, assures Mir.


Fund lawsuits against banks. Do justice and get returns on your savings above inflation thanks to the compensation the banks will have to pay. All the information about Finança Litigis can be found at 11Onze Recommends.


Beat the banks, make money and get justice

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11Onze Recommends Finança Litigis, a product that allows...

Litigation Funding

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Grow your money faster than inflation with...


Banks are paying billions for misleading customers

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UK financial entities have been fined billions of euros...

Make a profit by buying and selling the king metal. A way to make savings grow in times of uncertainty: at 11Onze, it rains golden ears.


11Onze takes another step forward in its desire to offer its community safe products that allow them to gain purchasing power. And it does so, once again, with gold. At a time of dangerous turbulence in the international banking system, gold is once again one of the safe havens par excellence.


What is Gold Seed?

Preciosos 11Onze’s new product is designed to generate profits. The idea is simple: the customer buys as much physical gold as he wishes, but it is neither sent to him nor held in custody. The gold will be used for one year to buy and sell at the best times of the market. After the year, everything is liquidated and the harvest is delivered to you!

This is why it is called Gold Seed, because you buy it with the aim that it will grow and bear fruit. The economic context gives good prospects for the purchase and sale of physical gold, although the final results will depend on the evolution of the market. In any case, as can be seen in the attached table, in recent years this product has already generated profits far in excess of those achieved with investment funds. A recent study shows that in 15 years (2006-2021) Spanish investment funds have generated an average return of 1.91%.

Now is the time for savers!

Protecting savings with physical gold has been one of 11Onze’s main contributions to its community, and now the range of products is expanding. Therefore, in the face of volatility, high inflation and the growing crisis of confidence in the banking system, gold is once again strengthening its position as a safe-haven asset. Now is the time for savers.


You will find all the information about Gold Seed at Preciosos 11Onze.

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Year-on-year inflation in Spain in 2022 was 8.4%.

Being part of the 11Onze community means trying to be informed of what is going to happen on an economic level. This way, we can better prepare ourselves individually and collectively.


At 11Onze we generate content on a daily basis. Through the Magazine, the 11Onze Podcast, 11OTV, the Fintech Talks, the local radio stations of La Xarxa. We explain ourselves on La Plaça, on Telegram, on Youtube, on Tik Tok, on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Linkedin and wherever they let us. Why are we so heavy? Well, because we are convinced that the only way to progress as a society is with knowledge. That if we know how the world of money really works, it will be easier for us to protect our savings and freedoms. Today we share an interview we recorded on November 10, 2022 with 11Onze CEO James Sène on the occasion of the Fintech Talk on the Great Reset of the economy. Some of the predictions are already coming true. Take it or leave it, but we at 11Onze break it down for you so you can prepare.


Green investments

That the world economic system needs a jolt to avoid collapse is obvious if you take a look at the volume of money issued in recent years and the huge public and private debt. However, the tendency of governments is usually to try to keep the economy going with more and more investment, even if it is at the expense of creating more debt. But is it possible to justify more debt? As 11Onze CEO James Sène explained in an interview at the last Fintech Talk, it will all come down to climate change: “It justifies multi-billion dollar investments. We have an excess of cash that we have to drain somewhere, what better than to tell people that without this the planet will end but we have the solutions, again, do it as we say. And I think we simply can’t trust the same people who have brought us this far.”

Now it’s official. An underwater pipeline will be built to transport green hydrogen from Barcelona to Marseille. The work will cost some 2.5 billion euros and the European Union will finance 50%.


On central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), James Sène warned “I think they are the biggest danger we have against freedoms“. Why? Because the economy tends towards decentralization, but in the case of CBDCs regulators are using the image that digital currencies have (linked to decentralization, empowerment of citizens and freedom) but the reality is that they walk in the opposite direction. “That a centralized digital currency is proposed, controlled by central banks and designed not by the people but with the collaboration of banks like La Caixa… it doesn’t touch,” said Sène. Indeed, in recent times we have seen how CBDCs are beginning to infringe on individual freedoms. In Nigeria, the central bank has limited cash withdrawals to force the use of CBDCs. Is this a pilot test of what will happen elsewhere in the world?


The role of gold

“Central banks have bought more gold in the last 2 years than in the last 50, it’s barbaric. There must be a reason for that. When you are looking to strengthen your currency with gold, changes are coming“, said James Sène. That gold will play a central role in the new world economic system is an obvious fact for all analysts, which is why 11Onze has for some time now been offering its community the purchase of physical gold, either in bullion or in coins for gifts. The only question that remains to be answered is who will check that behind a coin there is the amount of gold that the central bank of that country claims to have? And who will check that this gold (or any other finite raw material) has the necessary purity, i.e. that it has not been manipulated?


The role of financial education

To control and be able to keep track of what is happening with everyone’s money (because public debt is everyone’s money), the president of 11Onze stresses the central role of education. “The real power is knowledge of the global economic and financial system,” notes Sène. “We must understand what is going on, because if we don’t understand we can’t undertake well, because we don’t have the foundations to guide new businesses.” This is why at 11Onze we insist so much on financial education, with sections such as Aprendre or the 11Onze Escola service.


11Onze is the community fintech of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut for Android or iOS and join the revolution!

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