“Gold shelters us from the adverse economic cycle”

Why is it a good time to buy gold? How can we do it? Is there a certain fetishism in having gold bars and coins at home? All this and more is answered by the Financial Director of 11Onze, Oriol Tafanell, in a new episode of Territori 17.


When we talk about gold, it is better to talk about buying than investing. Some people invest in gold as an asset on the stock market, but we refer to the fact of buying it, of making it tangible, of being able to touch it. Gold is bought precisely because it is a physical material,” Tafanell clarifies at the start of the conversation. And he explains why it is a good idea to buy it in an inflationary context such as the one we are living in.

Tafanell confirms that it is a good time to buy gold, because “the financial market is very, very shaken.” “There is no data that leads us to believe that the economic context will improve. Gold is normally described as a safe haven because it protects us from the adverse economic cycle,” the Financial Director summarises. In short, in gold we can protect our money, because it does not participate in the changes and instability of the market.

A tangible safe haven: breaking clichés

At this point, some fetishist clichés about gold bullion and gold coins need to be dismantled. “It should be borne in mind that gold bullion is often minimal in number of grams. Of course, there are gold bars of 12.4 kilos, but they are worth a fortune and are only available to the big banks and fortunes,” Tafanell illustrates. A bar of 12.4 kilos, says the CFO, is worth approximately 650,000 euros. The price of gold, Tafanell explains, is marked in ounces and, today, the price of one ounce of gold, which is 33 grams, is close to 1,700 euros.

Keeping gold at home is only one of the options that Preciosos 11Onze allows. It is also possible to buy gold and leave it in vaults under the custody of a specialised company. “At 11Onze we offer the possibility of buying gold starting at 3,000 euros, and at the time the purchase is made we will know exactly how many grams it amounts to. As we will place an order collectively, we will be able to do so at a better price,” Tafanell summarises. 

The custody of the gold, at home or under the supervision of a specialised company, will be for at least a year and, after that period, the person can decide whether to continue to keep it or sell it. “Today it is unthinkable that in a year’s time gold will not make any capital gain. Historically, gold has never lost value. In the last three years it has risen by 40%, the CFO concludes. Because the beauty of gold is precisely its stability.


If you want to discover the best option to protect your savings, enter Preciosos 11Onze. We will help you buy at the best price the safe-haven asset par excellence: physical gold.

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