How to save by drinking water

Do you know how much water you are drinking and how much you could save with a water filter? Small changes in our consumption habits can lead to significant savings. Amadeu Vilaginés, from the 11Onze product team, explains how to save hundreds of euros a year by purchasing a tap filter instead of bottles of water.


We often think that saving money means depriving ourselves of luxuries that require major expenses, such as going on holiday or having the latest generation mobile phone. Yet, there are smaller, recurrent expenses on products or services that we consume on a daily basis that we can reduce by simply changing our consumption habits. The result can be a considerable amount of savings at the end of the year.

As Amadeu Vilaginés explains, “water is a basic good, essential for us, but we do not see it as a luxury product, since our homes have running water“. But tap water doesn’t always taste good or give us enough confidence, so many people end up buying bottled water. This is one of the so-called “ant costs“, which end up having a significant effect on our wallets.

Reducing a recurring cost, also for the environment

The fact that we can find bottles of water at affordable prices in all supermarkets may lead us to think that our expenditure on bottled water is relatively insignificant. But, as Vilaginés points out, “this is a recurrent cost, which may seem very small when we look at it individually, but once we add them all up, the difference is clear to see“.

A family of four consuming the recommended daily amount of water, 2 litres per day, in bottles of water, accumulates 45 kg of plastic waste at the end of the year, and an average expenditure of 700 euros per year. On the other hand, Vilaginés details that by consuming tap water, the total cost, at the end of the year, for this family would be only 2 euros. And for people concerned about the bad taste of tap water or the chemicals it may contain, water filters are an equally sustainable solution for the environment and our wallets.


If you want to discover how to drink the best water, save money and help the planet, go to 11Onze Essentials.

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