Water, the most precious liquid

World Water Day reminds us that more than two billion people in the world still have no guaranteed access to safe drinking water. In addition, the UN warns that 20 percent of groundwater in the EU is not in compliance with EU water quality legislation due to nitrate and pesticide contamination.


World Water Day has been celebrated every 22 March since 1993. This year, the UN is focusing on groundwater, which feeds springs and is essential for the survival of mankind. Hence, the need to prevent their overexploitation and increasing pollution. 

Only responsible management of these aquifers, which are often overexploited and polluted, will make it possible to meet the needs of the population and tackle climate change. In this regard, the UN itself stresses that nitrates and pesticides pose a threat in Europe, with one-fifth of groundwater in the EU failing to comply with EU quality legislation due to agricultural pollution.

The aim of World Water Day is to raise awareness of the global water crisis, an element essential to life. It was proposed at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro 30 years ago.

A priority for 2030

Water-related problems are precisely one of the sustainable development goals that the UN has set for this decade. The priorities for 2030 include achieving universal and equitable access to drinking water at an affordable price for all.

They also include improving water quality. On the one hand, by reducing pollution, eliminating discharges, and minimising the release of chemicals and hazardous materials. On the other hand, by halving the percentage of untreated wastewater and significantly increasing recycling and reuse worldwide.

Another specific aim is to significantly increase the efficient use of water resources in all sectors and to ensure the sustainability of freshwater abstraction and supply. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of people suffering from water scarcity.


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