What is a Self-Certified Qualified Investor?

When you ask for information to assess whether to make an investment, the first step is to sign a document certifying you as a qualified investor. This document does not compel you to make any investment, but it is a legal requirement for them to inform you.


It is highly recommended that you never make an investment without understanding it. We make investments with the intention of making a profit, but all investments involve risk. Sometimes the risk may be losing the capital, sometimes it may be not making a profit, and sometimes it may even put your assets at risk if you use them as collateral for the investment. In any case, before making an investment, it is essential to sign a document stating that we are aware of the risks and of our skills as investors.

11Onze Recommends Litigation Funding

In the case of 11Onze Recommends, the fact that the provider offering Litigation Funding is British means that it must comply with UK regulations. Therefore, before the provider can give you the full details of the product, what is known as a Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor document must be completed. Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor is the concept that the regulator responsible for supervising financial services in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), defines as an investor who meets certain criteria of knowledge and experience in financial matters.

In other words, it is the way in which the investor communicates to the investment firm or platform that they know what they are doing and are comfortable being informed of the risks involved in the investment. It is a requirement for investors in certain investment products or services offered from the UK, so that the business can be assured that its client understands the transaction.

What does self-certification require you to do?

Signing the document self-certifying you as an investor does not compel you to do anything. It only authorises the company to provide you with information about a sophisticated investment product. This allows clients to access certain types of investments that are not available to the general public, such as private company shares and other unlisted securities. Likewise, it helps protect less experienced investors from making potentially risky investments that they may not fully understand and to make better-informed decisions.

But filling it in does not mean you end up making the investment. In any investment, once you have the information you have to analyse it, ask all the questions you need to, understand the risks (if any) and decide if it is worth it. In the case of Litigation Funding, the provider is supervised by 11Onze to ensure quality and transparency in the management. Likewise, the 11Onze community can make any suggestions it deems appropriate. It was at the request of the community that 11Onze Recommends renegotiated the terms and conditions of Litigation Funding, simplifying them.

To invest or not to invest

All investments require investors, but not all investors are the same. Investing can be a complex decision, especially for beginners, so before making an investment it is important to know our investor profile and whether we have the basic knowledge to invest in a given product. We need to tailor investments to our possibilities and always understand what we are doing with our money. At a time of low yields on bank deposits and high inflation, it is necessary to learn how to invest safely so as not to lose purchasing power. At 11Onze we try to ensure that our community can do this with as little risk as possible, which is why 11Onze recommends 11Onze Litigation Funding to its community.


If you want to find out how to get returns on your savings with a social justice product, 11Onze recommends Litigation Funding.

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