Why should we do our Christmas shopping now?

Even Google has warned. This 2021, the first business year after the pandemic, is marked by three trends: consumer enthusiasm, delivery delays and support for local shops. Let’s take a look at why experts believe we need to get a head start on Christmas shopping.


Google often publishes information of interest to its customers, businesses that want to advertise through its search platform, and this year it has already warned that the Christmas season has come early. After a record-breaking 2020 for digital spending, in the end of restrictions, this 2021 the market is expecting consumer enthusiasm.

Thus, Google warns that 21% of consumers have started their Christmas shopping in June and 37% believe they will start organising gifts earlier than last year. Precisely the same percentage (37%) believe that the pandemic will still affect their Christmas shopping in some way. As a result, competition among businesses has increased. 


Supply problems

One of the reasons why consumers will bring forward their Christmas shopping is that the energy crisis and rising petrol prices are causing problems in the supply chain. This, in turn, can lead to delivery delays and stock-outs.

For this reason, most users rely on online shopping, because they can better compare the product, choose from several shops and know the availability of stock. With this forecast on the table, retailers have in fact already filled their warehouses, especially with this year’s most popular products.


Reliance on proximity

As online shopping increases, so does confidence in local shops. Small businesses have had a tough time during the pandemic and now, according to Google, 56% of consumers say they will support small businesses this Christmas.

Even so, experts warn that, although savings have increased due to the pandemic, because citizens have spent less, uncertainty about the resumption of business means that a large majority (46%) are waiting to buy gifts until they are on sale.


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