1 year of El Canut

On 1 October 2021, at 11:11 a.m., El Canut, the financial arm of 11Onze, was launched. Since then, the application has not stopped improving and the entity has been expanding its products and services. We review this year of 11Onze and El Canut!


The 11Onze app went live and, from day one, it allowed you to open an account, make transfers and order debit cards. The launch was made possible by the multitude of obstacles that had to be overcome and which we captured in the documentary ‘In a few days‘.

Since then, El Canut has not stopped growing and implementing improvements to perfect the user experience. As Raul Arribas, 11Onze’s Chief Technology Officer, explains, “after a year, El Canut is starting to become the Super App we had in mind. We still have a long way to go, and products to add, but now it already presents a series of investment and savings options that make it very attractive”.

Today, El Canut lets you have a current account with a 100% guaranteed European IBAN (BG). This last point is crucial given the insecurity generated by the Spanish National Security Law and how it can act on assets and deposits of individuals and companies with (ES) IBAN accounts. Likewise, the El Canut application allows other bank accounts to be added thanks to the PSD2 regulation and, since a couple of months ago, allows you to have everything 11Onze at your fingertips. All this for a monthly subscription of €2.95, well below the €140 per year average for Spanish banks.


All 11Onze at your fingertips

From El Canut you can access all 11Onze services and content, bringing together in one place everything that revolves around La Plaça and the 11Onze community. “When I look now at the home screen of El Canut,” Arribas explains, “and I see the current account, the external accounts, Preciosos 11Onze, 11Onze Segurs and the rest of the products, I can’t help but imagine what El Canut will be like a year from now with the new products we have planned. It has been a year full of little visible work to perfect the application. “The path of El Canut this first year has not been easy, as its users know very well, but we have overcome the obstacles that have been put in our way, and we have managed to lay the foundations of the Super App that we want to build”, says Arribas.

Beyond El Canut

El Canut is a part of 11Onze, but it is not everything. During this year, the entity has increased its product portfolio, its public presence and its community. In terms of products, Preciosos 11Onze has had a major impact, as it allows purchases of physical gold for investment to be made on a community basis. This activity has made it easier for 11Onze members to protect their savings with the ultimate safe-haven asset. The first community purchase brought nearly 11 kilos of gold to La Plaça and, and since then, the collective purchases have been recurrent.

Also, noteworthy is 11Onze Segurs, which brings home insurance 20% cheaper on average in collaboration with an insurtech BCorp, following the values of 11Onze. And more recently, 11Onze Viatges has been launched, which makes it possible to find accommodation 25% cheaper than the competition without reducing the hotelier’s margin.

11Onze Essentials has focused on sustainable products that help to save on unavoidable expenses, such as water filters that save more than €1,000 per family per year and help to reduce pollution. Saving and ecology are also the guidelines of 11Onze Recommends where the Guaranteed Funds for savers from €125,000 have been launched and where Natulim, the ecological detergent, can be purchased.

In terms of services, from day one, 11Onze has offered 24-hour customer service and has anticipated changes in the sector by offering video call appointments with 11Onze at Home. Another outstanding service has been 11Onze Check, which gives users the keys to verify economic content, combating the economic disinformation often driven by the banking lobby.

In addition to this, 11Onze has multiplied its exposure thanks to events such as the Fintech Talks in Barcelona, participation in the Fintech Talents in London and collaboration in television programmes such as Estat de la Nació and radio programmes such as Territori 17.


La Plaça, continuous growth

Content production and La Plaça have continued to grow in this first year. Currently, there are some 1,300 videos and 1,200 articles in three languages (Catalan, Spanish, English). In the first 3 months of 2022, La Plaça had attracted 83% more new users, so the community has now exceeded 14,000 members.

On social networks, the impact of 11Onze is also increasing, as indicated by some engagement data: Facebook (73%), YouTube (98%), and Instagram (115%). As for TikTok, in the first 60 days of operation, the 11Onze profile achieved 999% engagement and reached more than 300,000 users.

11Onze has attracted a lot of international interest, as evidenced by various awards and nominations. According to 11Onze CEO James Sène: “The recognition we have received shows that small fintechs are capable of competing with the big banks in terms of innovation and banking. 11Onze competes and does so internationally because anyone resident in the EU or the UK can open an account with the Catalan bank.


What’s next?

The future of 11Onze is to continue growing and offering tools in its community to educate themselves financially and protect their savings. Very soon, the 11Onze School project will substantially expand its scope. 11Onze Segurs will also make new proposals and investment and savings products will be added. All of this after the excellent reception of the 11Onze Business account, which was launched this September.

Whatever happens, everything will continue to revolve around the community. As CEO James Sène explains: “La Plaça is what makes us unique. It is an innovative fincom, a fusion of a social network and fintech to offer community-driven financial services”. From the beginning, 11Onze made it clear what the goal was. Now it celebrates its first birthday, and we can say that we will have Canut for many years to come.

11Onze is the community fintech of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut for Android or iOS and join the revolution!

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