Four fintech trends that will shape 2022

The fintech universe is expanding with each passing day. Fintech is leading the way in the world of finance and 11Onze is at the forefront of this change. A good example of this is that the fintech trends that will mark 2022 are in line with our fundamental pillars. Let’s see it!


Proximity, customer science, financial wellbeing and community are the four pillars that financial institutions and, more specifically, fintech will have to promote if they want to continue to transform the world of money. All this and more will be discussed by 11Onze CEO James Sène at the second Fintech Talk. The talk will take place this Wednesday 16 February at 7pm at the Monday Barceloneta coworking, in English and with a very limited capacity. Haven’t you signed up yet? Do it here.

  1. A commitment to proximity. The year in which the most vulnerable citizens have said enough to financial exclusion must also be the year in which institutions make a firm commitment to proximity. Proximity, proximity, proximity. This must be the mantra for meeting the needs of the population. 11Onze shows that there are no excuses when it comes to attending to its community: it was born from the hand of a team of agents who solve any doubt 24/7 and has promoted the ‘11Onze at Home’ service, to resolve questions by video call, break the technological gap and establish stronger links with customers.
  2. Welcome customer science. In a highly technological world like ours, where citizens have to learn to move financially in the cloud, it is also very important to offer a good digital experience. This year, this experience will have to allow us not only to satisfy the customer’s immediate needs, but also to anticipate them. With 11Onze’s website, La Plaça, we are also pioneers in this aspect. In recent months, we have been recognised in several prestigious international design awards, because we offer our community of more than 10,000 people a financial platform to interact without barriers.
  3. Promoting financial wellbeing. If we want to comply with the general framework of the European Commission and the OECD’s International Financial Education Network, we will necessarily have to promote financial education, which is essential, in turn, to promote financial wellbeing. It is about customers having access to all the information and the financial institution doing its utmost to help them make the right decisions. That is why at 11Onze we have set ourselves the primary objective of disseminating financial content. At La Plaça we do this through the Magazine, 11Onze TV and the Learn section. And, outside, we also do it with the Fintech Talks and 11Onze School
  4. The creation of a financial community. The latest fintech trend that will mark this 2022 is the fundamental pillar of 11Onze: the community. At 11Onze we are convinced that, if we do things together, we will go further. And reality proves us right. At La Plaça, we are expanding our marketplace with all the services and products we offer; and, without going any further, we now also make it easier to buy gold at the best price with Preciosos 11Onze. All this is possible precisely because we are a community and we can make grouped purchases.

If you want to discover the best option to protect your savings, go to Preciosos 11Onze. We will help you buy at the best price the ultimate safe haven asset: physical gold.

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