Fintech Talks: discovering fintech trends

Just a month ago we launched the Fintech Talks, where our chief technology officer, Raül Arribas, talked about cryptocurrencies. Now, in the second talk, 11Onze’s Chairman, James Sène, will explain why fintechs are unseating the big banks. Do you want to attend the debate? Sign up!


Fintechs, which combine the latest technology with more efficient financial management, are increasingly gaining ground on traditional banks. 11Onze is spearheading this change, and seeks to empower its community through La Plaça. But what really differentiates fintechs from big banks? Why are big banks lagging behind in the world of finance? What will the trends of 2022 be?

These and other questions will be answered in the second Fintech Talk by 11Onze’s Chairman, James Sène, who will offer a guide to fintech trends with an innovative vision of the new economy. The talk will take place next Wednesday 16 February at 7pm at the Monday Barceloneta coworking, in English and with a very limited capacity. You can register here.


11Onze is the fintech community of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut on Android and Apple and join the revolution!

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