“11Onze does not sell your data to do business”

The news that Zuckerberg wants to shut down Instagram and Facebook in Europe, if he is not allowed to manage users’ personal data, has once again brought to the surface the debate on how privacy is guaranteed. Do financial institutions really protect their customers’ rights? How do they do it? And how does 11Onze respond to this challenge? Iu Alemany, Head of 11Onze’s Back Office, answers this question in a new episode of L’Estat de la Nació.


“There is a regulation for the protection of personal data. In Europe it is very strict and in the United States it is not so strict. And that’s how this clash between Zuckerberg and the European authorities comes about. He wants to take the data to the United States and Europe reminds him that he can’t do that,” Alemany summarises. In this sense, the Head of Back Office explains that in 11Onze the data “are absolutely regulated,” even “rigid”, in order to comply with this European obligation.

La Plaça is the agora of the 11Onze community, where people interact, learn and build the financial sovereignty of this community, so that anyone who wants to join the project can do so convinced of the financial products they will find with all the information possible. “At the time we created our social network, from where we capture the data of the customers who want to be, and we use it only for mutual benefit. We never offer this data to third parties to do business,” Alemany says.


Financial empowerment is possible

“We try to put technology at the service of the customer to make it very easy,” Iu Alemany explains in reference to the financial exclusion suffered by thousands of people. “Traditional banks are mistreating these customers: they don’t teach them, they close branches, they close ATMs, they make everything very complicated,” the Head of Back Office denounces. 

Precisely to combat this financial exclusion, 11Onze launched the ‘11Onze at Home’ service, to resolve customer queries by video call. If you want to know more about 11Onze’s customer service and how we protect customer privacy, just watch the video below.

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