Work and romance: incompatible?

We begin a series of ‘Who’s who at 11Onze?’ articles and videos to get to know one by one the members of the management team, their tasks and their vision. In this article, Sandra Molas, commercial director of 11Onze, analyses the story of love and rebellion that she sees in 11Onze.


Sandra Molas – commercial director of 11Onze


The way we visualise work, working, is different for each individual. Specifically, what do we prioritise when it comes to choosing a job or changing it? Some people put job security and stability first, others look for recognition, challenges, personal development, money… and we could go on. Neither option is better than the other, I think, as long as it is coherent with what each person wants, assuming what the decision taken entails.

In my particular case, coherence and values are essential, especially as I get older. Participate in projects that have similar values to mine. When faced with a new project, I ask myself if I, as a user, would consume the services or products offered by that company. If the answer is no, I don’t want to be part of it.

Where do we spend more hours than at work? So, you will agree with me that deciding where and what we work for is key to our happiness. It doesn’t matter what job it is, as long as it fits us.

Since I was very young, I have loved to travel, so I studied tourism. I was very attracted to the Chinese language, so I went to live in China and studied the language. I like wine, so I worked in a winery. The equation, “I like what I do” versus “I can make a living” has to be balanced. That is to say, the romanticism of ideals has to be linked to the practicality of working. Not unlike our famous Catalan tandem of ‘el seny i la rauxa’.

And with this philosophy, one fine day I discovered 11Onze. By chance. And I knew immediately that it had to be my next destination. Values totally aligned. Head and heart hand in hand. In short, love at first sight.


The role of money in our lives

For many years, I have been involved in the tourism sector. From the commercial and marketing side of tourist destinations, through consultancy, to directing the wine tourism department of a large Catalan winery or organising trips to Southeast Asia. I also spent a few years setting up companies in China and Vietnam.

Money management (budgets, balance sheets) has always been very present in my previous jobs, but never before had it been such a central theme, or so I thought. Why? Isn’t money what we use to pay for trips? The glasses of wine we enjoy? The theatre? The children’s expenses? The household bills? The dinners with friends/family/partner? Practically everything in life has to do with money. And that is why it is so important to be financially literate, to know how to manage it well. It’s all about getting the most out of the effort we all put into our work every day.

But there is a problem. Those to whom we have entrusted our money have failed us. I don’t know a single person who has not had a bad experience with their bank. Swindled, badly served, cheated, ignored, humiliated, neglected… And to top it all off, this happens with the connivance of those we voted for. Those who have promised to improve our lives with our money. And we are changing them, but the system does not change. Or if it does change, it often gets worse.

And that’s why 11Onze has so much meaning, so much romanticism, and so much rebellion. It is the love story of some people for their country, their neighbours, their community. And it is rebellion, towards a system that has to stop because it takes over us, outdated but still powerful. A monster with feet of clay.

And here I am, absolutely committed and excited to put my effort, my time together with the wonderful people I have met in this incredible adventure that fits perfectly with my values. Nothing more and nothing less than romanticism.

What do I do at 11Onze?

My task focuses on promoting the entry of funds into the project from two very different perspectives. On the one hand, through the marketing of our products and on the other hand, with the entry of funding through investors.

On the commercial side, I coordinate a team of agents in charge of getting all the products we generate to our community. There are already quite a few: El Canut, our financial app, the purchase of gold to safeguard savings, products to help reduce fixed expenses and, therefore, grow savings, and all the new products that are about to arrive.

We generate and analyse metrics, to fully understand the customer journey, we try to target products to those we see as the best fit for them. We also have to make sure that the agents have all the tools and information they need to do their job well.

The other part of my time is spent coordinating with the incoming investors. Together with the rest of the investment team and the colleagues from Content, Art, Marketing, Legal, Finance, we create the campaigns and all the necessary documentation. My task is to explain the project to people interested in investing, manage the documentation and be the contact person for any questions they may have.

And this is probably the biggest challenge. To be able to transmit the vision of the project, to transmit confidence, and to explain a company as unique as a fincom. And here let me say one thing. My most sincere admiration for all those people who have believed in this project. Who have understood the need for a fair, ethical financial institution that sincerely wants to serve its community. And who, despite all the difficulties we have encountered, have placed their trust, their effort, and their money to make it possible. To make this love story possible for a country, for a community. To question the status quo and act to change it. And this is also rebellion.

Work and romanticism: incompatible? No.


11Onze is the community fintech of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut for Android or iOS and join the revolution!

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Sandra Molas Sandra Molas
  1. Josep Grifoll SauríJosep Grifoll Saurí says:

    Tenir un equip de treball d’alta qualitat és cada vegada més important per a fer que un projecte tingui èxit. Molt bona la presentació!

    • Silvia GarrigaSilvia Garriga says:

      D’alta qualitat, i amb moltes ganes i empenta. Així som nosaltres, intentant posar cap i cor a parts iguals i amb molt d’esforç.

      2 years ago
  2. Mercè ComasMercè Comas says:

    Es clar que a aquesta presentació hi podem aplicar allò de : “No fa falta dir res més”, només Gràcies Sandra.

    • Laura Bunyol Bartrina says:

      Totalment d’acord Mercè, comparteixo amb la Sandra tot aquest agraïment cap a tota la comunitat que ha fet i fa possible dia a dia 11Onze. Endavant!!

      2 years ago
  3. Carles MarsalCarles Marsal says:

    Sandra es fantàstic que ens dieu tot això, feu que cada vegada tinguem més confiança en vosaltres. (Que alguns ja fa temps que hi confiem),😉

    • Sandra MolasSandra Molas says:

      Hola Carles, i no saps com de feliços ens fa! Per què tots sabem com de difícil ens ho posen les entitats financeres per confiar-hi… per dir-ho suaument. Si som capaços de transmetre la nostra sincera voluntat de fer bé les coses, i sempre desde la veritat i el respecte, amb el vostre suport, 11Onze és imparable!

      2 years ago
  4. Joan LlacunaJoan Llacuna says:

    Gràcies Sandra per aquesta presentació tant propera i personal. La confiança es diposita en persones, i es nota que l’equip ha estat triat per aconseguir-la.
    Seguim endavant! ✊🏻

    • Sandra MolasSandra Molas says:

      Gràcies a tu Joan! Precisament per persones com tu, que ens injecteu aquesta confiança i il·lusió, aquest projecte val tant la pena! 💛

      2 years ago

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