The fincom that builds financial sovereignty

At 11Onze we are not just creating a fintech. We are forging a community that will be key to achieving financial sovereignty, individually and collectively. “If we come together, we will be stronger,” says 11Onze CEO James Sène. We review with him what we mean by fincom and how it is key to empower ourselves.


We have invented a new term because we are doing something new, which did not exist until now: a financial community. “The word fincom comes from the contraction of fintech and community. We are starting a new model, but we are not doing it alone,” Sène begins. The idea, he goes on to explain, is inspired by a type of bank that is born around a community, especially in the United States, where they are known to bring together certain communities, such as African-Americans.

Inspired by these financial initiatives, however, the 11Onze community has gone further. The difference, Sène explains, lies in the ownership of the financial institution. “None of these community projects are driven by the community itself. In contrast, at 11Onze we expand the ownership of the institution as much as possible. We have more than 150 investors, and we are striving to reach as many people as possible. All of them will be the owners of 11Onze. And this is very important. In Catalonia we share a language, a lifetime, a culture, and now we want to help this community build its financial sovereignty,” he sums up.

A community that learns how to learn

The model is pioneering and necessary. In a globalised world, which is undergoing changes that will alter the world’s poles of influence in the coming years, citizens have to learn to build a strong social and cultural fabric, as well as an economic one. “Until now, there has been a very clear leadership of the United States, but all this is beginning to falter with competition from China and Asian countries. Europe is falling in the middle. There are no countries independent of each other. We need each other in order to protect our communities. That’s why the big question we ask ourselves in 11Onze: on whom do we want to depend, and how do we want to depend on them?

If Catalonia wants to answer this question, says Sène, it first needs to exercise the freedom, the right to choose “what we want to be and how we want to be it”. And this, consequently, has to do with how we manage our money, with how we achieve our financial sovereignty. Therefore, if 11Onze wants to be a useful tool, it has to build a community that is encouraged to learn how the market works and how to navigate, financially speaking. It is in this sense that we have created La Plaça, where there is a team of 11Onze agents who will attend to users 24 hours a day, and why we have created the El Canut application. Everything serves the same objective.

Sène sums it up bluntly: “We have a plan at the service of a vision that has to serve the needs of today, but also respond to what we expect to happen in the world in five years’ time. That is why we are thinking about the community, the financial application, and a marketplace, a place where people can not only exchange ideas, but also, in the end, exchange products. Ultimately, says Sène, “if we have a financial nexus, this will make us more competitive, individually and collectively”.


Revolutionising banking from the bottom up

Thus, says the president of 11Onze, “when we make a profit, part of this profit will go back to the community and the other part will go to the investors or members of this community”. To make this possible, it is essential, says Sène, “to have absolute control of our finances, that is to say, of money, but also of assets, shares, precious metals or cryptocurrencies”. That is why El Canut is a new technology created to revolutionise traditional banking. “Now, everyone has all these assets spread across different accounts. And we have created a wallet of wallets that will empower you to manage all your finances in a single place. You have to be able to manage them quickly, easily, and securely,” says Sène.

In view of the expectation generated by El Canut, the president of 11Onze, however, appeals for calm. At 11Onze we are well aware that most of the community are not experts in banking and that we will have to learn, little by little and together, the best way to give a return on everyone’s money. For this reason, El Canut will slowly announce and expand its services. “It is not expected that on 1 October, when we open the first 5,000 accounts, everyone will be able to operate all at once in an unknown financial market. We have to be patient,” argues Sène.

“We are here to ensure the financial well-being of the Catalan Countries and to promote Catalan culture. We are here to give individual financial independence in order to achieve collective financial independence”, the president of 11Onze reaffirms. In short, the time has come for people to learn how to manage their assets in the best possible way. 11Onze is the tool to do so; it is one of the pillars for exercising all freedoms.


11Onze is the community fintech of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut for Android or iOS and join the revolution!

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    Pere Maria

    També es important la independència energètica…

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    Revolució es superació, 11Once no para de superarse…..

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    Continuam espectants!

  7. alicia Coiduras Charlesalicia Coiduras Charles says:

    “Venim a assegurar el benestar financer dels Països Catalans i a promoure la cultura catalana. Venim a donar independència financera individual per assolir-ne la col·lectiva”, es referma el president d’11Onze. En definitiva, ha arribat l’hora que la gent aprengui a gestionar els seus béns de la millor manera possible. 11Onze és l’eina per fer-ho, és un dels pilars per exercir totes les llibertats”.
    Tenim la capacitat,la il·lusió, les ganes ,i 11Onze ens dona la ma per fer junts el camí

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    En relació a la market place, Onze pensa la possibilitat de posar en contacte (per ejemple), als pagesos amb els posibles compradors dels productes dels pagesos, perque ens estalviem els diners dels intermediaris?

    • James SeneJames Sene says:

      Aquest precisament és un dels meus objectius més important Jordi.
      Porto uns 5 anys estudiant la pagesia nostra i aprenent. Portarem solucions molt potents…ben aviat.🙏🏿

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    • David LópezDavid López says:

      Totes les característiques del producte que 11Onze tingui disponibles, tindran tota la seva informació, perquè puguis decidir obertament si és un producte que t’interessa o no.

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    Bon concepte el fincom. Ja falta menys per l’ú d’octubre.

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    “fincom”: concepte interessantíssim i revolucionari. S’obren oportunitats increïbles. Excel·lent!

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      Aquesta és la nostra feina Santiago, oferir portes i vosaltres escolliu quina us agrada més. ☺️

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