Do not miss the final episode of L’Academy

11OTV presents the last episode of the documentary series on the training process of its workers. The users of La Plaça will be able to accompany the workers of 11Onze on a day that was very special for the whole team.


Jordi, a user of La Plaça, emphasised in episode 8 that “they started as a group of strangers and the finished almost as a family. If there is a second part, it will be because the bank will have grown enough to look for another 50 workers. We hope this will be the case and there will be many more parts.” And so it has been. Agents entered the 11Onze Academy without knowing each other and everything they have lived together has united them a lot. This fulfils one of the objectives of the training: creating a cohesive team capable of overcoming challenges together.

Throughout 9 episodes, L’Academy has shown us the human and professional growth of a team of very special people who will launch the first fintech community  in Catalonia. And, apparently, the result has surprised the viewers of 11OTV. 

Here is a summary of some user comments

  • It is clear that it is a great project that is worth supporting and that this country, Catalonia, needs urgently. I wish them the best. Waiting for it to start operating soon. Congratulations on the project!
    Francesc, user of La Plaça
  • Thank you for sharing all these videos of staff selection and training. This brings us all closer together and makes us understand that we are all part of it. I wish I had the courage to apply myself… Still, I feel part of this project because of the excitement it generates in me. Thank you so much for such a brave bet.
    Joan, user of La Plaça
  • Thank you so much for your effort and for wanting to be different, unique, and special. Eager to be a customer and start working together. I, as a small employee, want to deposit my savings in an entity that invests them in the good of the community. It is really necessary. We totally need it.
    Albert, user of La Plaça
  • I am looking forward to the operational start of this bank, to meet with these agents/friends and do many things together. Congratulations to all, trainers and students.
    Marc, user of La Plaça
  • Thank you all for your work and dedication. Thank you for making our dream possible.
    Guillem, user of La Plaça
  • Too bad the series ends, I was hooked to it! 😉 Congratulations to all!
    Elisa, user of La Plaça
  • Just AWESOME.
    Ramon, user of La Plaça

L’Academy is an original production of 11OTV directed by Toni Mata and made by Èric Motjer. The filmmaker explained the main challenges of the project: “The first is to make the episodes as real as possible, in order to be able to transmit what the agents were experiencing within the Academy. It was not an easy challenge, because many things happened simultaneously and the intensity was increasing day by day. But there is a second element that is key to the success of almost any documentary, and that is getting the agents and all the staff normalise the fact of having a film crew that accompanies them in their daily activities. The truth is that it was very nice to see how, little by little, they let us enter their lives and know how they are, where they come from, and how they see the future. At 11Onze, the human component is essential, and we have tried to convey this in each episode of the series.”

For his part, Toni Mata adds that “the aim was to show the responsibility, enthusiasm, passion, and fears that workers have felt. We wanted 11Onze fans to be able to live the experience from the inside, to be here, next to these extraordinary people, getting to know them, growing up with them. The challenge 11Onze faces is huge, and it is absolutely unusual to have a team of workers like this, who are giving and dedicating themselves to the project for the common good. We had to explain it.”

Now, as explained in this episode, the 11Onze team has one goal: to dazzle Catalonia.

Watch the entire series here

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  1. Joan Santacruz CarlúsJoan Santacruz Carlús says:
  2. Anna PortabalesAnna Portabales says:

    L’enhorabona! Des del setembre us segueixo. Vaig creure en el vostre projecte des del primer moment. Ètica, transparència, veritat!

  3. Josep RuaixJosep Ruaix says:

    Espectacular clap clap clap 👍

    • Marc Jara Gimeno says:

      Moltes gràcies, Josep, molt contents que l’hagis gaudit. Va ser una sort poder-ho viure.

      3 years ago

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