El Diner: the animated series to learn about economics

11Onze consolidates its commitment to economic literacy with the launch of El Diner, an animated series to learn everything there is to know about money, the economy and financial mechanisms. 


The chapters can be found in the Learn category, and after watching them, users can answer a short questionnaire to evaluate the knowledge obtained. With the results, they will accumulate ‘Peles’, which can be used in the marketplace that 11Onze will set up for its community.

One of the strategic goals of the 11Onze project is to empower citizens, offering them as much knowledge as possible about the economy, without traps, so that they can make the right decisions with their savings. “We want you to learn, through the 11Onze community, about finance, learn about the economy,” explained general manager Natàlia Cugueró in a recent interview.


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El Diner is an original production of 11Onze TV in collaboration with the animation studio Luee from Manlleu. After having collaborated with the Super3 channel, 3XL or having turned Gerard Piqué into his character in the video game Pro Evolution Soccer, the director of audiovisual projects at Luee, Àlex Roca, is proud to take on the challenge of El Diner. “It allows us to participate in a key project like 11Onze from the beginning. One of the main goals of the series is to explain very complex concepts with very simple drawings,” says Roca, who adds that “one of the most surprising things we’ve learned by making El Diner is that most of what we thought we knew about economics was wrong! And this is the impression we think a lot of people will have”.

In a conversation with staff, 11Onze president James Sène explained that “money is so important, it’s so central to our lives, that I think it’s insane that people aren’t taught where money comes from“.

The series, scripted and voiced by Toni Mata, will have a premiere episode every Wednesday. Open educational content for the 11Onze community.

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