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One of 11Onze’s objectives is to make economic and financial knowledge available to everyone. This commitment to education will continue to grow due to the good reception of the contents of the Aprendre section.


Training to make the right decisions. This is the aim of the educational content that 11Onze disseminates through La Plaça. A commitment that has been very well-received by users, and which will continue to expand. Three new lessons, starring agent Sara Casals, are being launched today, to help you understand what the recession is. Soon there will be lessons on interest rates, on the economic history of Catalonia and also on more advanced topics such as quantitative theory.

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All these contents can be found in the Aprendre section, where there is also the series of El Diner. Like with all lessons, at the end of the video the user will be able to test himself with a questionnaire to see if he has consolidated his knowledge. If they have, they will earn a few peles.

Training is one of the pillars of 11Onze, and the agents are the protagonists. You can find all the content shared by the agents in the Descobreix section.


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Lesson La recessió econòmica

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