Excellent reception of 11Onze Essentials

On Thursday 7 April, Tapp Water filters were launched on the 11Onze website with the aim of saving money and reducing plastic waste. This initiative has been very well received by the community of La Plaça and the first units have already been delivered. They could mean a saving per family of more than a thousand euros a year.


“The response from the community has been fantastic and many people have joined the initiative in these first few days”. Sandra Molas, 11Onze’s sales manager, is this emphatic about the proposal to offer Tapp Water filters four days after the launch of the 11Onze Essentials campaign. “We have exceeded our expectations,” she says.

She was one of the first to purchase a tap filter and a shower filter on Thursday, and explains that the delivery company has already notified her that she will receive the order today. So far, 57% of the kits sold are of the EcoPro model for the tap and 43% are of the ShowerPro model for the shower. The price of the EcoPro model is 79.99 euros and the price of the ShowerPro model is 49.99 euros, transport included.

As for the geographical distribution of sales, the Catalan region with the most purchases is Vallès Oriental, with 29% of the total, followed by Barcelonès and Vallès Occidental, each with 14%.


Sustainability, savings and wellness

“You only have to look at the comments at La Plaça to realise that people have understood why we have launched this product,” says Sandra Molas. Saving doesn’t necessarily mean depriving yourself of a lot of things; it often means avoiding unnecessary cost overruns on essential products.

Tapp Water filters are the first proposal in the 11Onze Essentials range to enable La Plaça members to cut costs on products they can’t do without. “We will look for tools and products that help the community reduce their fixed costs, all those things that we need in our daily lives and for which we are perhaps paying much more than we need to,” explains Molas.

The sales manager of 11Onze points out that the example of water is very obvious: “A thousand litres of water in the city of Barcelona cost 2.60 euros, practically the same as an 8-litre bottle of some brands. It is quite something. Because of the cost and because of all the plastic generated.”

Sandra Molas adds that there are plans to launch a series of products that cannot yet be revealed, although all of them will be characterised by “sustainability, savings and wellness”.


If you want to discover how to drink the best water, save money and help the planet, go to 11Onze Essentials.

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