El Canut wins a Centauri Award

11Onze’s financial application, which celebrated its first anniversary this month, overcame all obstacles to win a new international award. More than 1,000 applications were received from 20 countries.


As we explained in the documentary ‘In a few days‘, setting up El Canut was an obstacle course that had a bit of everything. Attempts at sabotage, infiltrators and constant pressure aimed at derailing the birth of 11Onze as a Catalan community fintech. The project, however, dodged the problems, moved forward and now users have in their hands an application capable of winning a Centauri Award in the “Apps and Software – Finance / Banking” category of the prestigious Vega Awards.

The award highlights 11Onze’s pioneering vision in an ever-changing banking and financial services landscape. Out of more than 1,000 entries, El Canut won the award for its disruptive application, created with WONDR, an expert in the development of effective digital products, involved in the design of 11Onze. But El Canut not only stands out for its usability and design, but also for its ability to anticipate the needs of its customers. From day one, 11Onze offers an insured account, guaranteeing 100% of the money regardless of the amount, for a cost of €2.95 per month. Less than €36 per year, a far cry from the €140 average cost of an account in Spain.


Pioneering functions

El Canut has also made progress in other functions that traditional banking will gradually add. For example, a 24/7 customer service, or 11Onze at Home, allows face-to-face customer service via video call. In addition, all the services offered by 11Onze can be accessed from the application. From the collective purchase of gold with Preciosos 11Onze, to the insurance offered by 11Onze Segurs, to the Guaranteed Funds or the essential savings products offered by 11Onze Recommends. Everything 11Onze is at your fingertips.

James Sène, President of 11Onze, is delighted with the win and the international recognition: “Our mission is to promote financial health and wealth creation for our community in Catalonia and abroad. To achieve this, we have developed an expansive banking and resources app, El Canut”.

“We strongly believe in the democratisation of banking and financial services. That’s why we are delighted to have our technological milestones recognised as pioneering.”

Community is at the heart of 11Onze and Sène explains that “we not only educate our community about money management and wealth creation, but we also help to achieve it. For a small fintech, this can only be achieved by investing in the development of disruptive technology solutions”.

El Canut offers customers the ability to manage all bank accounts in one place, regardless of the country where they reside. In addition, customers can manage all payments, transfers, savings and loans from this one-stop banking application.

In the past, El Canut was the purse used by Catalan peasants. However, unlike the old wallet, the products and services of 11Onze and El Canut are radically new to the Spanish and European markets. This was the main design challenge for the WONDR team: to design a disruptive banking application.

Dermot O’Shea, founder of WONDR, says: “We are very proud of the collaboration with 11Onze, as we believe this platform is delivering on the promise of being a Catalan community fintech in soul and purpose. Judges from around the world have been able to see it, hear it and feel it for themselves. El Canut is a very genuine and compelling proposition.”

“We are very proud of our collaboration with 11Onze. It is delivering on its promises.”

About the Vega Awards

The Vega Digital Awards is an international body that recognises and honours the performance, talent, effort and excellence of the best digital professionals and agencies from around the world. Independently judged by experienced senior digital professionals from around the world, the categories include website, video, mobile, social, animation, marketing and podcast. 11Onze has won one of the top honours for the second year in a row.


If you want to see everything that happened while we were setting up El Canut, don’t miss the documentary ‘In a few days‘.

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