The strategic value of design

When we talk about the usefulness of design, it’s not just about making beautiful things, but also about responding to problems and providing added value to people. Laia Gubern, Art Director of 11Onze, and Gemma Vallet, Director of 11Onze District revisit La Plaça, La Xarxa’s radio magazine Territori 17, to talk about the latest design trends.


Design has proved to be key when it comes to creating synergies between companies and their clients. It is not enough to have a good product if it is not accompanied by a message that is aligned with the brand it represents and its target audience. As Gubern explains, “through design, creativity, and innovation we have a much broader vision of the possibilities for creating business, improving processes and, fundamentally, providing the experience we generate for the end customer”.

Every day, there are more and more companies that understand graphic design as a fundamental element of strategic value in their development, but how do you create this added value? First, you have to understand what people value, want, or need. Then you have to create the best way to deliver this value and make sure it works and is efficient,” says the Art Director of 11Onze.

The role of design in green transformation

As Vallet details, design as a tool for economic, social, and environmental transformation is more than established in some countries such as the United Kingdom. Even so, according to Gubern, “the degree of adoption of design in companies and industry in Catalonia is still less than would be optimal“.

Faced with the challenge presented by climate change, design “can play a crucial role beyond how we understand graphic design in itself, to help rethink production systems and consumption dynamics”.

Catalonia has been a benchmark in this sector, and Vallet affirms that “we still have great strength, and we will be leaders again“. Taking advantage of the rise of the Catalan ecosystem as the main start-up hub in Southern Europe is a privileged starting point that the Catalan design sector cannot afford to miss.


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