Design and crafts at Palo Alto Market

After a year of pandemic, the festival returns to Barcelona stronger and more confident than ever. A must-attend event for lovers of design, innovation and craftsmanship.


What is Palo Market Fest?

The former Gal i Puigsech factory, in the middle of the industrial neighbourhood of Poblenou, has become a space of creative reference thanks to the Fundació Palo Alto, which has turned this venue into a cluster of artistic and cultural creation businesses. In addition, for some years now the venue has hosted the Palo Market Fest, which traditionally takes place on the first weekend of the month and, following the dynamics of the space, hosts a very special event where there is no shortage of brands of all kinds, culinary proposals from all over the world and live music to liven up the day.


The cradle of trends

Seven years after its creation, it has established itself as a reference market, both for locals and visitors, and currently has more than 30 design exhibitors for all tastes: jewellery, art, second-hand clothes, vintage, sustainable or accessories, in a selection of proposals for all sexes and ages. The wide range of artisan brands offers original and exclusive products that make the Market a unique experience.

Fourteen premium companies close the line-up with the most innovative proposals on the market, where emerging talent, design and functionality meet to create sustainable, quality products where less is always more.


The 3Ms of Palo Alto: eating, music and fashion

Live music fills every corner with the “Street music experience“, which livens up the day from different stages.

And also in terms of food, the Market has become the reference venue for the food-truck sector in the city. They manage to bring together all kinds of culinary and multicultural proposals, without forgetting healthy and vegetarian food.


Limited capacity and pre-sale tickets

This weekend is the last summer edition of the festival, which due to the pandemic restrictions is divided into two shifts: from 13:00 h to 18:00 h and from 18:30 h to 23:00 h, with a maximum capacity of 950 people. Admission costs €5 and can be purchased exclusively through the VERSE application. Children under the age of twelve and people with reduced mobility or disabilities and their companions will be admitted free of charge.


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  3. Carles Mateu del Rio i de BatlleCarles Mateu del Rio i de Batlle says:
    Carles Mateu

    Molt guapus per anar-hi.

  4. Laura CarlúsLaura Carlús says:

    Si aquests mercats han estat una oportunitat pels dissenyadors i artesans que hem intentat viure del que més ens agrada, crear.

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      I quin ambient més bonic es viu, parada mensual obligatòria!

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    No sabia que existia Palo Alto, però m’ha creat molta curiositat, a veure sí quan tornin a fer-ho i puc anar.

    • Jordi CollJordi Coll Planas says:

      Hola, Rosa Maria. Aquests últims anys han sorgit mercats estivals d’aquest estil per tot Catalunya, i on s’hi combinen disseny, innovació, artesania, alimentació, restauració i fins i tot concerts i música en viu… A la província de Girona n’hi ha de semblants, com poden ser “La Santa Market”, a Santa Cristina d’Aro, “La Industrial Market”, a S’Agaró, i el “White Summer Festival”, a Pals…

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    Es un bon lloc palo alto, un concepte de market diferent, més viu m’atreviria a dir

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