11Onze, selected for the ADG Laus awards

La Plaça of 11Onze is one of the finalists for the prestigious ADG Laus awards in the category of responsive design for mobile devices. This recognition comes just a few weeks after being selected Official Honoree at the Webby Awards, considered the most important awards for excellence on the Internet.


11Onze has been chosen as a finalist in the ADG Laus Graphic Design and Visual Communication Awards in the category of responsive design for mobile devices. These international awards recognise each year the best projects in more than 50 sections in five categories: graphic design, digital, advertising, audiovisual and students. The ceremony will be held in June. Gold, Silver, Bronze and Grand Laus awards will be distributed among the finalists according to the quality of each project.

According to Dermot O’Shea, founder of Wondr, the digital product development agency that collaborated in the creation of La Plaça of 11Onze, the recognition comes because the website is “an example of creativity and innovation”. He adds that “from the seamless user experience through to the depth of immersive and engaging content, this is clearly a brand of substance with a deep community connection”. In fact, O’Shea notes that “the best industry experts are constantly benchmarking 11Onze as a unique and innovative proposition“.


A long history

The ADG Laus awards, given by the Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers (ADG-FAD), one of the most active professional associations of graphic design and visual communication in Spain, were created in 1964. They were the first awards in Spain to recognise the quality and graphic creativity of the elements used in visual advertising communication.

57 years later, the ADG Laus awards are fully consolidated and serve as a barometer of design and art direction in Spain. That is why Laia Gubern, Art Director of 11Onze, is particularly satisfied, as this award will help to increase “visibility among the people we address at 11Onze” and will ensure that “we are also valued from here”.

The six criteria of the Laus Awards

The jury of the ADG Laus is made up of 13 renowned professionals, who are specialists in the different disciplines of graphic design and its environment.

When awarding the prizes, the jury values the idea, execution, functionality, contribution, consistency and sustainability of each of the projects. In other words, in addition to the conceptual and aesthetic quality of the pieces presented, aspects such as the extent to which the client’s needs have been taken into account or the environmental problems associated with the production are also considered.

In this sense, Laia Gubern emphasises that in the design of 11Onze she worked together with the agency Wondr “so that the users of La Plaça have the best experience from both mobile and computer”. This way, “our community can enjoy all the content from wherever it is most comfortable and optimal for them, which is the key in the field of user experience and user interface,” says Gubern.


More recognition for a job well done

In April, La Plaça de 11Onze was selected Official Honoree at the Webby Awards, considered the most important awards for excellence on the Internet. This recognition placed it among the best financial services and banking websites in the world, a category in which giants such as Apple, Citibank, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America were also distinguished.

The Webby Awards had received more than 14,300 nominations, including Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Laverne Cox, Gucci, Megan Thee Stallion and NASA. Dermot O’Shea believes that this international recognition already proved “what a special and unique brand that 11Onze is, it recognises that it’s a brand with a sense of purpose that cares for the community.”


A revolutionary model

11Onze is the first fintech community in Europe offering financial literacy and wealth creation services to its members. 

Its innovative model hinges on a private social network (La Plaça), a digital currency (Les Peles), a universal banking super app (El Canut) and an expansive educational library, which provides content on finance, economics, well-being and sustainability. To date, 11Onze has published nearly 1,200 videos and 1,100 articles online in three languages (English, Catalan and Spanish).


11Onze is the community fintech of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut for Android or iOS and join the revolution!

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