Three tips to save on airfares

Airline tickets can make up a significant percentage of the cost of your holidays when travelling to distant destinations. Keeping the following recommendations in mind can allow you to save a good handful of euros.


As we explained in the article “When there is no money for holidays”, one of the big trends for travel this year is “the search for maximum savings”. With 20% of the budget, transport is one of the main planned expenses, according to a study by the National Observatory of Outbound Tourism, and we must bear in mind that this percentage can skyrocket if we travel far away. That’s why we offer some recommendations for saving on airline tickets.

  1. Book in advance. Bear in mind that it is essential to book your desired flights in advance in order to get the best prices. The closer you get to the date of travel, the more expensive the tickets tend to be, as airlines increase prices as the plane fills up. If you are flexible with your destination, another alternative is to wait until the last minute in case a flight does not fill up and a last-minute offer comes up.
  2. Better during the week. Flights on weekends are usually more expensive than during the week, so having flexibility in dates will help you pay less for the same journey.
  3. Reduce your luggage. Carrying a small amount of luggage will save you from having to pay for checked luggage. In addition, light luggage will make it easier to get around and to use public transport. To minimise your luggage, it is a good idea to take clothes that dry quickly and can be easily combined with each other.

In addition to saving money, one recommendation for making the most of your holidays when you are travelling to distant destinations is to take advantage of stopovers: choosing connections that are sufficiently spaced out in time can allow you to visit the city where you are making the stopover.


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