Saving to buy time

Economist Teodor de Mas has talked about his book ‘Hacer dinero’ in La Plaça de 11Onze, from the program Territori 17 of Radio Cardedeu. He shares his family’s method to save, with the aim of “trying to be happy and have time”.


That there is no freedom without financial freedom is increasingly evident, but achieving that financial freedom is really complicated in a society that pushes us to spend the money we have. Teodor de Mas is an economist and has compiled in the book ‘Making Money’ the financial knowledge he has learned through generations and generations of his Jewish-Catalan family. The book has become one of the literary phenomena of the moment and, to talk about it, he visited La Plaça d’11Onze in the program Territori 17 of Radio Cardedeu.


Money and time

“The measuring rod is time and not money. Money is something we humans have invented to buy time. The only use money has is to buy time”, explains Teodor de Mas, who assures that we need to have more intuition to understand what money is. According to him: “money is a language, a tool that we should all use to try to be happy and have time”.

Saving is the key to achieving a certain financial freedom, but it is very difficult: “We live in a consumer society, not a savings society. Everything leads us to consume what we have, what we earn,” says De Mas. That’s why, to be able to save, you have to get serious: “To save, you have to be serious, define a family or personal budget, decide what part you will save and stick to it. Then, at the end of the month we have to take out the money we have saved and put it in another account where we can’t spend it to make sure we save it,” explains the author of ‘Making Money’.


Catalans and business

We Catalans have a reputation as savers and entrepreneurs, but where does this idea come from? According to Teodor de Mas, we are lucky not to start from nothing: “Catalans tend to be entrepreneurial because there is a lot of accumulated capital. This is a rich, dense and powerful territory. We don’t start from zero, we start from what has been done for generations”. However, De Mas advises Catalans to change their perspective on savings, because he assures that Catalans are too conservative and take few risks.

You can listen to the rest of the conversation with Teodor de Mas in the La Plaza section of Radio Cardedeu’s Territory 17.

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