“We need to reduce our planned expenditure”

By reducing the amount of plastic waste we generate, we not only help to maintain the fragile balance of the planet’s ecosystems, but we can also save a significant amount of money. Coral Santacruz, from the 11Onze marketing team, explains how to do this by changing our water consumption habits, in a new episode of Estat de la Nació.


At 11Onze we have taken advantage of our community character to launch 11Onze Essentials, and make group purchases to reduce the costs of many of the products or services we consume on a daily basis, without neglecting our commitment to the environment. “We always try to find the best financial or savings solutions for our community,” says Santacruz.

Avoiding unnecessary cost overruns on essential products is an easy way to save, or, at the very least, reduce spending on products we can’t do without. As Santacruz puts it, “There are many people in our community who cannot afford to save because they do not have high salaries. Therefore, we have to focus on reducing planned expenses, such as water.

A family of four consuming bottled water generates 63 kilos of plastic waste per year, and as Coral says, “This has a very negative effect on the planet and our economy. This expenditure on plastic bottles represents about 1,200 – 1,500 euros per year. Water filters offer an economical, healthy, and sustainable alternative for household water consumption while helping us to control these micro-expenses and save at the end of the year.

By becoming aware of the consequences of our purchasing and consumption habits, we can make small changes that do not require much effort, but will have a significant impact on our economy and the environment. You can watch the whole interview in the video below!

If you want to discover how to drink the best water, save money and help the planet, go to 11Onze Essentials.

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  1. Jordi MorenoJordi Moreno says:

    Doncs anem per feina, a reduïr s’ha dit.

    • Jordi CollJordi Coll says:

      Doncs sí, endavant que tenim pressa. Moltes gràcies pel teu comentari, Jordi!!!

      2 years ago
  2. Mercè ComasMercè Comas says:

    Bona proposta ben entesa i acceptada per la comunitat. Una altra que no és tan palpable quantitativament és mentalitzar a cuinar més a casa. Les prestatgeries dels comerços d’alimentació estan plenes de menjars precuinats envasats amb plàstic. No costa tant deixar el dinar fet o mig fet per l’endemà. Quan els productes són bons no cal gaire elaboració.

    • AlbertAlbert says:

      Doncs, sí, Mercè. Penso que tens tota la raó. Cuinar més no solament ens permet d’estalviar, sinó que fa que puguem escollir productes de temporada, de proximitat i de la màxima qualitat; d’aquesta manera, ens ajudem a nosaltres mateixos, a la nostra comunitat i al territori i al mateix planeta.

      2 years ago
  3. Nuria GomezNuria Gomez says:

    M’agrada 👏

  4. Laura León AmatLaura León Amat says:

    Molt bé per a qui no pot veure aigua de l’aixeta!!

  5. Manuel Bullich BuenoManuel Bullich Bueno says:

    Una molt bona iniciativa👏👏👏

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