Do you know how to read a payslip?

Do you find it difficult to understand all the concepts on a payslip? You are not alone. It is important to know how our salary payments are broken down, but it is not always easy to interpret the different parts of this document. Mireia Cano, Sales Lead B2C at 11Onze, explains the key points so that you get everything.


The payslip is a payment receipt that justifies the settlement and payment of your salary. At the same time, serves as proof of the Social Security contribution, as well as the withholdings that have been made in advance for personal income tax (IRPF).

First, when interpreting the payslip, remember that its structure is always the same. From top to bottom, in the header, we will find the company’s data, the worker’s data and the settlement period, or as Cano points out, “the days to which the payroll corresponds”.

Salary and non-wage payments

Known as accruals, we have to distinguish between the different remunerations we receive for doing our work, therefore, we find two large blocks.

  • Wage income: basic salary, allowances and pro rata extra payments.
  • Non-salary income: indemnities, expenses such as travel expenses, or if we receive a bonus.

As Cano explains, it is important to bear in mind that “salary income is subject to personal income tax deductions and social security contributions, while non-wage income is not subject to deductions“. But what are deductions, and what about common or professional contingencies? If you are not sure, watch the video above to understand the rest of the concepts.


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