What qualities define a good leader?

The characteristics associated with good leadership are applicable in business. But what are the attitudes and skills that make a person a good leader? Pilar Oltra, 11Onze agent, explains the keys to good leadership.


Good leadership skills are essential not only for the manager or CEO of a company, but for anyone who has a position of responsibility within the organisation. As the 11Onze agent explains, “it can be anyone involved in a project, and capable of guiding others to develop it”.

Although it is true that there are certain qualities that define good leadership, “there is no single formula, there are no recipes that fit all companies equally“, the context, objectives and culture of the company “are decisive for the leadership style”, says Oltra.

Three leadership styles

Kurt Lewin, an American psychologist of German origin who specialised in the analysis of the behaviour and psychology of organisations, defined three types of leadership in group dynamics: laissez-faire, authoritarian and democratic. Even so, as has happened with standards of morality, the keys to good leadership have evolved over time, “from fear and authority to inviting employees to collaborate,” Oltra says.

We may think that a good leader is made, not born, but as Oltra explains, “innately one can be strategic, decisive, proactive, motivating, empathetic…”. However, anyone in a managerial position within a company can learn the emotional qualities that facilitate good leadership. Therefore, a good leader is both born, and made


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