Palo Market Fest: a Speaker for Entrepreneurs

The festival is consolidating itself as a point of reference for local artisan and entrepreneurial talent. Ready to return to normal, visitors can enjoy the Barcelona fashion market on the first weekend of each month. 11Onze will participate in the event.


11Onze will participate in the next Palo Market Fest. Normally, businesses from the creative and design world are present at the festival’s concept lab. In this sense, 11Onze will be the first company from outside this sector to participate in this reference event. The Catalan fintech will participate on 4 and 5 September, offering information about 11Onze to all those interested.

Palo Market Fest is the benchmark event in Barcelona and one of the most important in Catalonia. It acts as a speaker for dozens of brands looking to make themselves known, consolidate in their sector, or simply use the powerful sales channel offered by the market.

The pandemic has fully affected such events. Specifically, Palo Alto had 8,000 visitors per edition, which, adding up the 12 total editions, make 100,000 annual visitors.

Diversity and originality, the essence of Palo Alto

From decorative pieces to sustainable fashion, the range of products we can find in Palo Alto varies from edition to edition. Its organization works under two essential premises: that quality of the product, and the diversity of products. 

Discovering new projects, new forms of creation, and innovative proposals is one of the aims of the festival, and the careful selection of the participating brands supports this goal. It is no coincidence, then, that the festival has established itself as one of the most valued platforms to promote emerging professionals and new creators. Innovation is a key point for the festival, and the environment of the Gal i Puigsech factory creates the perfect setting for the consumer to discover brands, projects, and new creative techniques. 

In the latest edition, consumers could find decoration brands such as Brico art, artisan fashion by Huinca, ethical fashion by The Milky Way, natural cosmetics by Palombella, aromatherapy by El Bosque esencial, the design of Barceloning, or artists like Sooto or Emily Victoria Art.


Commitment to craftsmanship and proximity

The commitment to crafts is clear, and in each edition we can discover artists and artisans from various sectors who not only show their final product, but also provide the added value of creating it by hand. The proximity with the stallholders and the possibility of telling the story behind the brand, the technique used, or verifying the quality of the raw material are some other key points that make the Palo Market Fest much more than an exhibition centre for brands. It is the same brands that give life to this space and create a communication channel from which the end consumer can know the product they buy at a higher level than that of any store. 

Precisely this point is what stands out, according to ARKASA, a craft brand of leather products that has been present at the festival in several editions. Càrol tells us that “the festival gives you a lot of visibility and prestige for being able to expose. In one edition, a Korean woman came with a magazine from her country where Palo Alto appeared as a recommendation to visit in Barcelona. The surprise was that there was a photo of my product as a recommendation of purchase; therefore, the lady came directly to my stand to buy the product of the magazine. Only Palo Alto can make you such a publicity.”


A prestigious festival that never stops

Especially in times of pandemic, Palo Market Fest has adapted to consolidate itself in the mission of being a speaker for brands and being the platform to discover proposals for end consumers. A success story closely linked to meticulous organization and clarity of goals, where the real protagonists are the creators we can find in each edition. 

We recommend that you pay attention to their social networks or their web to know the dates of the next editions and be able to enjoy the city’s fashion festival.


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