Natulim: washing clothes while saving the planet

Are we sufficiently aware of the environmental impact of conventional detergents? Some of the usual chemical ingredients in detergents can be toxic for aquatic life, likewise, packaging or CO₂ emissions produced by transport can be as or even more harmful to the environment. In a new episode of the radio magazine Territori 17, Lluis Montull, engineer and co-founder of Natulim, and Gemma Vallet, director of 11Onze District, talk about an ecological detergent that protects the planet and our pocket.


The misleading use of ecological marketing, known as ‘greenwashing’, is also common in the world of detergents. Terms such as eco, green, biodegradable, etc., are often a cynical whitewashing of products that simply comply with current regulations, but which in reality are not entirely environmentally friendly.

A green label with flowers on it is of little use if the non-recyclable plastic packaging will end up in landfill or in the oceans. As Montull explains, “only 20% of plastic detergent bottles are recycled, the rest end up in landfills or in countries where environmental legislation is more lax”.

Implementing truly green practices

A detergent that deserves to be labelled as an eco-friendly product has to take into account all aspects of the product’s life, from production, ingredients, packaging, and final waste. Emphasis is placed on those aspects that really benefit the environment.

Obviously, this has a cost, which Natulim counteracts by “cutting margins from the company’s side and making direct sales“, Montull points out, in order to produce a detergent that is respectful with clothes, sustainable with the environment, and “not sinking with a very high price”.

On the other hand, traditional detergents contain 90% water, which solid format detergents, such as Natulim, can save, with the benefit of lower product weight and consequent reduction in transport costs. As Montull explains, “we have created a dehydrated, biodegradable detergent, with a packaging that weighs only 78 grams and does not generate waste”.


If you want to wash your clothes without polluting the planet, 11Onze Recommends Natulim.

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