Have you not yet joined 11Onze’s big leap?

The financial institution is facing the last days of the public round of investors with a great reception.


During this month of September 11Onze is making the big leap. That is to say, it is giving small and large investors the option of joining the company at the moment of scaling the business, therefore, just before raising the value of the entity.

“People have perfectly understood where 11Onze stands”, explains commercial director Sandra Molas, “there is a lot of interest, and we are happy to say that we are talking to many people interested in the project. From small investors to large companies. From very young people to older people who have no idea about technology, but who have understood the importance of the project for the country”.

“One thing that is very nice,” added CEO executive assistant Nuria Rambla, “is that we have people from all over Catalonia. It is not a centralised thing, but the capillarity of the project has multiplied in this round”.

“People have perfectly understood the moment in which we find ourselves. We are launching products and scaling the business. 11Onze is becoming big”.

“We have investors from all over Catalonia. The whole country is taking ownership of the 11Onze project”.

Right now, 11Onze is exponentially expanding its business base. Just this week it has launched the 11Onze Business account in a test phase with a UK IBAN and is free for two months. But there are many more products to come, as 11Onze CEO James Sène explained in this interview.

From credit to new insurance options will be added to 11Onze’s product portfolio, with the aim of helping its community to save and protect themselves from the impending economic crisis. For months now, 11Onze has been warning of the arrival of a crisis that, it seems, will begin to show its virulence before the end of 2022.


What is the process like?

Sandra Molas and Núria Rambla are the people in charge of 11Onze for this financing round. They are the ones who accompany the potential investor throughout the process. “When the potential investor asks for more information, we contact them,” explains Sandra Molas. The objective is to finish filling out a series of documents in accordance with European capital investment regulations. “Only when the willingness to receive information is officially established can we answer all the questions about the investment,” she adds.


What does the investment look like?

The minimum investment is €3,000. But with an incentive: the Fundació 11Onze will help members of the community and, for each share acquired, will add one of equal value. So, if you invest €5,000, the immediate value of your investment will be €10,000.

The deadline for applications to become an 11Onze investor for the big leap is 30 September. If you are interested in investing, fill in this form, and we will contact you. If you would like more information, please write to [email protected]. At 11Onze we have already come a long way. Now it’s time to make the big leap.

At 11Onze we have already come a long way

Now it’s time to make the big leap.

I'm interested

If you want your business to make a giant leap, use 11Onze Business. Our business and freelancer account is now available. Find out more!

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