Home insurance: what repairs are covered?

Despite the fact that three out of every four homes have home insurance, the majority of homeowners do not know the real scope of their insurance cover, especially with regard to damage and small repairs. Here are some of the coverages, both included and optional, that few take advantages of.


The first thing to know is that not all insurance policies offer the same coverage. Before taking out an insurance policy, it is important to read the small print to avoid last-minute surprises in the event of an incident. Likewise, some repair covers may be optional or subject to limitations. Therefore, compare before taking out insurance and, if necessary, add a complementary cover that suits your needs.

Water damage

It happens more often than we think, according to ICEA data they account for more than a third of household claims and, if we do not have insurance, they can entail a considerable financial loss.

As a general rule, damage caused by water leaks, spills, or leaks have a basic coverage with limitations. For example, there are policies that exclude the repair of taps, stopcocks, boilers, radiators or electrical appliances, when they have been the cause of the loss.

Damage caused by burst pipes and drains, inside and outside the home, as well as damage to electrical appliances connected to these pipes, are normally covered, but you should bear in mind that covering the cost of fixing the cause of the water leak (for example, a pipe) may be your responsibility, although some companies cover this cost.

Electrical damage

Electrical damage is considered to be any damage caused by an electrical problem, which can be caused by a lightning strike, a power surge, short circuits or other electrical faults.

A power failure or system overload can cause serious damage. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the damages derived from an electrical issue are included in our home insurance, since we will have to contract this specific coverage in some cases. Even so, there are small expenses that may also be covered by some insurances, such as, for example, refrigerated food spoiled when the refrigerator stops working.

In general, insurance policies cover damage to fixed elements that form part of an electrical installation but exclude light bulbs, lights and any aesthetic damage that may occur. By taking out specific coverage, almost all household appliances are covered, but electrical damage to small appliances such as irons and hairdryers may be excluded.

Home repairs and DIY

This cover is generally optional, not available in all insurers, but can be very useful if we live in a property that is not new construction and may require small repairs that are not of great importance.

Normally, it is limited to a number of interventions per year and hours of work per intervention, depending on the company. The amount of the materials necessary to carry out the repair are the responsibility of the insured person. Still, the small increase in the monthly or annual payment of the policy can save us headaches and money if we are not too handy with DIY.

Accidental and technological risks

Mostly, home insurance covers the breakage of glass, mirrors, sanitary ware and ceramic hobs, but if we contract an accidental and technological all-risk policy, we will be covered for any accidental damage to furniture and electronic appliances.

Obviously, this cover is not unlimited; the terms and conditions of the policies will stipulate the maximum age of the appliances and the cost of repairing or replacing the television, computer, etc. It should also be borne in mind that we must keep the original purchase invoices in order to be entitled to compensation.

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