Five ways to reduce dependence on Russian gas

Now that there is speculation of a definitive cut-off of Russian gas supplies to Europe, it is worth considering several green alternatives that will allow us to reduce dependency and save on our gas and electricity bills.


The energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine has shown that “renewable energies and energy efficiency not only help us to curb climate change“, as 11Onze agent Marifé Fariñas explains, but also help to reduce energy dependence on other countries.

Unlike fossil fuels, a great advantage of renewable energies is that they are unlimited. They also help to reduce climate change, since the use of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas or coal generates carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming.

Green alternatives

Here are five options to reduce energy dependence and save on your gas and electricity bills:

Solar energy. Installing solar panels to harness solar radiation can even make your home self-sufficient from an energetic point of view.

Geothermal energy. This is an energy that allows the temperature of the home to be regulated and hot water to be produced thanks to the constant temperature of the subsoil.

Aerothermal. The heat pump extracts energy from the air in one place and transfers it to another. This system is used as an alternative energy source for heating and air conditioning.

Bioethanol. Bioethanol cookers and fireplaces can be very efficient alternatives. One litre of bioethanol provides an output of three to six hours and is equivalent to a 3,000-watt radiator.

Biomass. This fuel uses natural resources such as olive stones, pieces of nuts or shells. Its combustion does not produce toxic emissions, making it environmentally friendly, and it is a short-cycle product.

As Marifé Fariñas explains, although the initial costs may be higher when installing alternative energies, it is worth investing in them if we take into account “energy efficiency and the profitability of the investment”.


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