Fintech Talks: what have you learned this year?

With this question, we resumed the cycle of Fintech Talks organised by 11Onze in the Monday coworking spaces. With Fernando de la Rosa, professor of digital strategy, as a speaker, and Gemma Vallet, director of 11Onze District, as moderator.


It’s nearly dusk when the coworking space overlooking the terrace, where drinks will be served after the talk, starts to fill up. The speaker’s popularity is reflected in the number of people who will fill the room today to listen to a conference on how data will transform society, business and our personal lives.

Fernando de la Rosa begins the lecture with an exercise in self-analysis based on the concept that “in order to survive, people, organisations and society, have to learn faster than the environment”, de la Rosa points out.

Involving the audience, he proposes making a map of all our knowledge and asking ourselves what things we would like to learn to determine if we are making progress. This is the method that the professor of digital strategy has followed as a guide to interpreting data that often, both in the personal and business spheres, we do not understand sufficiently, we do not know how to use it or how to get the most out of it.


Data analytics that will transform society

De la Rosa stresses the importance of understanding and knowing how to interpret the world of data in order to make the right decisions based on good data analysis. His book, DATA, is the starting point for explaining that in order to survive and progress in our environment, it is essential to adapt to constant change analysed through data.

Gemma Vallet’s introductory interpellations are combined with interaction with the audience, who is quick to start asking questions: What is ‘data-driven’? How do we find good data? How do we ask the right questions? What data can we use to determine our happiness? An interesting dialectical front is created, aimed at solving a basic but recurring problem: understanding the foundations of data management.

The talk drifts towards more philosophical questions such as the differences between learning and training, but de la Rosa does not skimp and answers the questions with diligence and professionalism. Formally, the lecture has come to an end, but the conversation continues at a more relaxed pace among the audience that moves to the terrace until late in the evening. You will soon be able to see the full talk at La Plaça.


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