Energia: for a conscious Christmas

At this time of year, the consumerist excess of Black Friday is combined with Christmas and Epiphany shopping. Gemma Vallet, director of 11Onze District, visits the Energia programme and makes us reflect on how we can adapt our consumption habits to enjoy the Christmas holidays in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way.


Food, gifts, and travel are part of our consumption habits all year round, but this festive season lends itself to excessive consumerism. Even so, enjoying Christmas traditions does not have to be at odds with conscious consumption that is in line with our principles.

As Vallet explains, we need to make the effort to “move towards more responsible consumption because of the impact it has on sustainability“. Money is simply a tool of exchange to acquire what we want and/or need. Now, as consumers, are the products or services we buy with this money in line with the world we want to live in?

An easily achievable balance

The consumerism derived from gifts can become our ally when it comes to contributing to conscious consumption. Purely materialistic gifts can easily be replaced by useful or even non-material gifts, such as experiences. Toys with added value, of proximity, handcrafted and made of natural materials are not common in television advertisements, but are more in line with a purchase made with sustainable criteria.

On the other hand, in the face of the inflationary crisis that besieges us, gifting a safe-haven asset such as gold is not only a responsible purchase, but “it is an exquisite, luxury gift, and, at the same time, highly sustainable present” over time, Vallet points out. Likewise, if we decide to travel during this time of year, why not do so with ecotourism in mind?


A gift from 11Onze

On Thursday, 22nd December, from 10 am to 11:30 am, 11Onze invites you to attend the last session of this year’s Fintech Talks. In this conference led by Celia Galera, CEO of Habitat Futura, you will discover how to apply energy efficiency to your home, workplace or community.

In addition, this edition of Fintech Talks takes place in a very special place that you will love: the library of the private women’s club Juno House, at 226 Aribau street in Barcelona. Attendance is free, and you can book your place here.


11Onze is the community fintech of Catalonia. Open an account by downloading the super app El Canut for Android or iOS and join the revolution!

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