Cryptocurrency: Europe’s golden opportunity

Oriol Blanch, Bitvavo’s affiliate manager, returns to 11Onze Podcast to talk about the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies and how to start buying and selling cryptocurrencies.


After the shock of the FTX bankruptcy, the legal problems that Binance has been experiencing for months have undermined the credibility of this cryptocurrency exchange platform and have spurred a flight of thousands of users to other exchanges such as Bitvavo, which offer more security and comply with the European regulatory framework.

As Oriol Blanch explains, “All this news means that investors are increasingly less trusting foreign companies and more trusting European exchanges”. As for Bitvavo, which 11Onze recommends, it is a cryptocurrency management platform that is registered with the Central Bank of the Netherlands, where its depositors have access to the guarantee fund and which uses cold wallets to avoid cybercrime.

In addition, “Bitvavo offers the most advanced security measures in the industry, with custodian providers such as Coinbase International Custody, Fireblocks and Copper,” Blanch notes. These technologies prevent, for example, a potential hacker from executing a transaction, as several people from both parties have to talk to each other and sign at the same time.

Bitcoin halving

The next halving of the Bitcoin network will take place in April 2024. A periodically recurring event that halves the reward miners gets for each block generated. In previous halving, bitcoin experienced triple-digit price spikes to new highs over the following 12–18 months. But what is bitcoin halving, and why is it important?

Halving the reward for each block generated delays the bitcoin mining process, ensuring that the issuance of the last bitcoin lasts until the year 2140, after which no new bitcoins can be mined. Currently, there are about 19.5 million bitcoins in circulation, so there are still 1.5 million bitcoins left to mine before the self-imposed issuance limit of 21 million BTC is reached.

On the other hand, Blanch reminds us that this year, in addition to halving, Bitcoin ETFs are coming into play, “which means that many investors, who are not comfortable with this asset today, will be able to invest through traditional instruments”, driving the price of the cryptocurrency upwards. Even so, he adds that we cannot forget that it is a very volatile asset and that this event could be a case of “buy the rumour and sell the news”.

11Onze Recommends Bitvavo, cryptocurrency trading made easy, safe and at a good value.

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