Christmas is also a time for recycling

Once the Christmas festivities are over, it is time to tidy up so much decoration. Often the fir tree, the crib or the ‘tió’ are the most precious objects in the house, but also the most difficult to reuse and recycle. At 11Onze we give you four tips for cleaning up at Christmas in the most sustainable way.


The fir tree, the garlands, the baubles, the coloured lights, the kitchenware… Before we start collecting all the Christmas decorations, we have to be clear about one thing: the more sustainable the material we use, the better. The crockery? Ceramic! The tablecloth? Textile! The garlands and baubles? Paper and glass! The fir tree? Natural! And the nativity scene? The nativity scene is for life.

  1. Everything in its place, and when it’s time. It seems obvious, but the first tip for collecting, with so many decorations and so much food, is to know what each waste bin is for. Let’s review: green is for glass, blue for paper and cardboard, yellow for plastic and metal packaging, brown for organic waste and grey for leftover waste. And remember, oil can also be recycled. If you have any doubts, you can always consult the website of the Agència de Residus de Catalunya. Also, during the festive season, we must be careful not to take out the rubbish on public holidays, lest we find the party on the pavement the next day.
  2. Don’t waste food. Experts say that up to 1,300 tonnes of food is wasted every year worldwide. Food waste is one of the biggest ecological and economic scourges facing our global society. So, if you have leftover food after all that celebrating, perhaps it’s a good idea to turn to a kitchen that makes the most of it. If you really have unopened food left over, you can ask at the nearest Banc dels Aliments [Food Bank] or at a social organisation in your neighbourhood. 
  3. Collect the fir tree. Fir trees, as long as they are natural, which is why it is advisable to do so, can be recycled every year. Most municipalities in Catalonia have fir tree recycling points available to the public. They are set up the day after Epiphany. In Barcelona they are open 24 hours a day, and there is one in each district. Check the website of your municipality to find out where these Christmas recycling centres are located. 
  4. Reuse as much as you can. Household goods, garlands, baubles and other Christmas decorations, including the beloved nativity scene, should be reused year after year. That’s why it’s a good idea to encourage quality purchases and make all decorations a little family treasure that is passed down from generation to generation.

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