Buying at TMB with the 11Onze card

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona has introduced payment and validation of the single bus ticket with a bank card as an alternative to cash. Here’s how to do it.


After cash ticket sales were abolished in March 2020 to avoid users and drivers coming into contact with cash in the wake of the pandemic, payment by QR code was introduced. An unattractive system, especially for occasional users who had to download the TMB app, register, buy a ticket via their bank’s app, and then get a QR code to swipe on the bus reader.

The new system is easy, fast, completely digital, and allows you to pay for a single ticket with your bank card on Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) buses, which has already installed card readers on its entire fleet of 1,070 vehicles. In addition, payments can also be made using mobile phones or smartwatches.

This initial phase has been implemented on the Barcelona bus network, but it is expected to be extended throughout the metropolitan area, the metro, and railway lines in the near future. According to the director-general of the Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (ATM), Pere Torres, “there is already a working group with Renfe and FGC to be able to use the bank card as a single ticket, but it will take a few months yet”.

Much quicker and simpler

Now, all you have to do is hold your debit or credit card, or your mobile device or smartwatch up to the reader, which registers the data and manages the ticket purchase. This eliminates the need for a physical ticket altogether and the electronic transaction serves as proof of ticket in the event of a ticket inspection by an inspector, who will have access to the last four digits of the customer’s card to check that payment has been made.



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