“Buy the clothes you like, but make them last”

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. Can it be avoided? Is ‘slow fashion’ a solution? Is it possible to buy in a more sustainable way? The president of BASI Group, Nuria Basi, and the CMO of 11Onze, Gemma Vallet, discuss this in a new Territori 17 of La Xarxa.


One of the great lessons learned from the pandemic is that we can enjoy our shopping while remaining sustainable. But how to do it, in the case of fashion? “Buy wisely, with common sense and a lot of information. The great advantage is that we consumers are the ones who choose what we want to buy,” Basi says. She heads one of the largest fashion distributors on the Iberian peninsula, serving brands such as Armand Basi, Lacoste and Cole Haan.

Functionality, quality, durability, necessity? There are several factors to take into account when choosing the clothes we wear. “As the British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood used to say, buy what you like, wear it and make it last for a long time,” Basi sums up. The BASI Group CEO is a strong advocate of mending clothes and appreciates how past generations took care of their clothing. 

We are mistaken if we think that buying new clothes is cheaper than mending them. We buy it, wear it, get tired of it and throw it away or, at best, recycle it,” she complains. According to Basi, we often have habits that don’t help either: it may seem very practical, but in the long run it is not, such as leaving clothes in the washing machine and not hanging them out until you get home in the evening, or using cleaning products that are not of high quality and that spoil the fabric.

Being consistent, being responsible

It is very important that products come with a traceability label, so that we know where they were made,” Basi says, who believes that this is an increasingly intense debate in the fashion world. The president of BASI Group also reminds us that sustainability is not only about the quality of the product, but also about all the socio-economic processes through which the clothes are made. 

And she exemplifies consistency in purchasing with a concrete case: “If we go into a shop and find that an item of clothing only costs three euros, maybe we should ask ourselves if the entire value chain has been executed with criteria of responsibility,” she says. In the end, as Nuria Basi confirms, it is about producing and consuming much less, but better.


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