“To be apolitical is to support the status quo”

“We are very happy to see how traditional financial institutions are signing up to the change of narrative proposed by 11Onze,” says Toni Mata, 11Onze’s content director. In the magazine L’Estat de la Nació, he acknowledged that since 11Onze opened La Plaça, transparency, financial education and people have been the focus of the financial sector.


The content director explained that 11Onze has indeed come to make a “completely different proposal for the country”, because it’s time to stop delegating important decisions to financial institutions that we don’t really know what they do. “It is enough that, all of a sudden, a quarterly commission of 60 euros appears in your account, or that you have to contract the products that the entity tells you, or that you have to assume a debt of the banks of 60,000 million euros that will never return and that has cost 1,250 euros to each citizen, counting the children,” he says.

It is in this sense that 11Onze is committed to financial education, to provide all the financial tools so that each client and the community can make the most appropriate decisions. “We are here to benefit the economy of Catalonia. If we want different things to happen in this country, we can’t continue to do the same things,” Mata defends. And he argues: “The economic world is changing very quickly. And the people who promoted 11Onze from the beginning had the vision that fintechs would replace traditional banking and saw the great opportunity that this meant for Catalonia.”

In a country of thousands of associations and SMEs, of people who organise themselves, a community fintech like 11Onze, a large ‘do it yourself’ platform, was more necessary than ever. “At 11Onze we accompany. They tried to convince us that managing your own money is very complicated and, don’t worry, we’ll do it for you. But we can manage it ourselves,” the content director says.

Transparency is the basis of respect

Mata also considers that in Catalonia “illusory tales have done a lot of damage” and is surprised that anyone could think that other financial institutions are free. “It’s a lie! Perhaps we should start treating each other like mature people, not to lose respect for each other. What is free nowadays? Nothing, because services cost money. We explain what our prices are: opening an account with 11Onze costs 2.95 euros a month… We speak clearly and give the tools to audit our work or that of other financial institutions,” Toni Mata continues. 

Precisely because of this uncompromising transparency, he believes that 11Onze is disliked by “certain powers”, but this, he says, is a clear sign that the fincom is doing things right. “We are very clear about what we have come to do: to create a community of users based in Catalonia who can help each other and invest profits in Catalonia. We know what happened on 1 October. In this country, many financial institutions left, many others that did not leave now declare themselves apolitical, and today to declare oneself apolitical is to support the status quo,” he concludes.


11Onze is becoming a phenomenon as the first Fintech community in Catalonia. Now, it releases the first version of El Canut, the super app of 11Onze, for Android and Apple. El Canut, the first universal account can be opened in Catalan territory.

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