11 tips to save on heating costs

It is estimated that each household spends on average more than 700 euros a year on heating. However, with the war in Ukraine, the price of energy has skyrocketed. So, this year, homes with accumulators and electric radiators could pay twice as much as last year. From 11Onze, we offer you 11 tips to save on heating.


With the current price fluctuations, the first basic measure to save money when you switch on your heating is to check whether your utility company is offering you the best price. But, even if the price is tight, our goal should be to optimise energy consumption to minimise both the amount of the bill and our carbon footprint. To this end, we offer you some practical tips that will enable you to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your home. 


Check your windows and doors

Window and door frames are essential for keeping your home warm. Any gap can create an unwanted draught. If your window and door frames are old and the windows do not close tightly, you can improve the insulation by fitting foam weather stripping or even some insulating tape. And, if you have a fireplace, don’t forget to close it when not in use.


Make the most of sunlight

The sun is our great natural ally against the cold. That’s why it’s best to keep the blinds up and the curtains drawn during the day. In this way, the sun’s rays will enter your home and help to raise the temperature. The orientation of the different rooms in your home will determine the hours when the sun’s rays enter directly through each window. 


Protect yourself from the cold darkness

When the sun goes down, the outside temperature drops, so we should insulate ourselves as much as possible so that heat is not transferred from the inside of the house to the outside. To do this, we should do the opposite of what we do during daylight hours: lower blinds and draw curtains so that the heat that has built up during the day does not escape when it gets dark. Thick, opaque curtains, better if they are made of thermal fabric, will help you to keep the heat in, as they will help to insulate the window areas better.


Do not ventilate more than necessary

Ventilating the house every day is an essential health and hygiene measure that allows you to renew the air and oxygenate the rooms. However, when the cold weather arrives, it is advisable to do so for 10 or 15 minutes, no more. And preferably in the morning or in the middle of the day, when the outside temperature is higher, so that heat loss is minimal.


Put the heating where you need it

Keeping unused areas of your home warm is a waste of energy. That is why it is a good idea to leave all the rooms that you are not going to use closed and to turn off the heat sources you have in them. If, for example, you are going to spend the morning between the living room and the kitchen, why keep the rest of the rooms warm? Close the doors and turn off the radiators in the rooms. If the surface area to be heated is smaller, energy consumption will also be lower.


Wrap up warm

It makes no sense to go around the house wearing a t-shirt when the cold weather arrives. It is a waste of heating. All the warmth you gain through clothing will translate into heating savings. You don’t need to wear gloves, but thick socks, fuzzy slippers, a light fleece or a dressing gown will allow you to lower the thermostat a little and reduce your energy bill. And don’t forget a blanket on the sofa is very nice.


Turn off the heating at night

A good way to save on heating is to turn it off at night, as in most cases blankets and duvets provide enough warmth. Materials such as wool or flannel are very good choices for bedding. And keep in mind that the traditional hot water bags still work.


Use rugs

Carpets help to insulate the home better and keep our feet warm. They also provide a feeling of warmth and comfort when you walk on them. 


Do not use radiators as a dryer

The function of radiators is to provide heat, not to dry clothes. Therefore, avoid using them as a dryer when it is not raining and you can hang clothes outside. We must ensure that the heat sources are left free to make the most of the heat they give off. 


Keep the heating system in good condition

It is estimated that 60 % of gas boilers in the European Union are inefficient, requiring excess energy to heat homes. Properly regulating pressure, purging radiators, cleaning burners and checking filters for replacement can help to optimise system performance and achieve more heat with less energy.

It should not be forgotten that the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine made many countries to switch back to or increase the share of highly polluting energy sources. Unfortunately, the issue of climate change has been put on the back burner despite the urgent need for action in this decade to prevent global warming from reaching levels that would have irreversible effects.


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